2020.02.26 the howling

I posted a link (a “Share”, in the lingo of the place) on Facebook, pointing people to a recent edition of the KunstlerCast podcast of writer James Howard Kunstler, with his guest Steve Keen. As far as I can tell, going by indications from comments or what Facebook calls “reactions” (“Likes”, or otherwise), I don’t know that anyone has even bothered going to listen to that conversation lasting a little less than an hour.

Things like this fall through the cracks and disappear among all the howling noise on the World Wide Web of the present, especially that found in the “social media” portions, where it seems, day by day, that the level of noise increases, with a sort of matching level increase of general insanity in the realm of political-based racket. It’s virtually inevitable that any attempt by serious people to address difficult topics of economics and finance and energy will get blasted aside by all the noise of people making anything about any such matters a crazed political frenzy of stupidity and delusions and all kinds of behavioral oddities.

Amazingly, there are still people who announce to the world their admiration of current US President Donald Trump. I even see spectacularly astounding and perplexing statements about ideas such as the notion that Mr. Trump is going to “clean up corruption” in our government in Washington, which strikes me as about as rational and realistic as thinking that your chicken coop out back will be much safer now that you have discovered that there are coyotes and wolves living in the area, because they will guard it and keep it safe from the bad critters about.

One difficulty continues, sitting down to write about observations of the world around me, in finding that so much of everything is just endlessly repetitive, to the point where I don’t know how to not seem like someone suffering some psychological glitch repeating things over and over. Among that, of course, (obviously, by now, if you have been paying attention to my ramblings), is the phenomenon I call bipolar political disorder, the term that continues to not catch on, despite the constant bombardment of manifestations of the phenomenon every day, if you pay any attention to the usual sources of US news and/or social media chatter and noise. Still going, getting worse, with people burying themselves in it deeper and deeper. Gee, who knew?

I don’t wish to spend hours trying to recount all of that sort of thing swirling around. You probably get large doses of it all. As the Trump cult continues their noisy delusions, the “other side” of the bipolar political insanity features the characters who, often, could be found, until recently, chattering about all things being fixed once Trump is impeached, often showing that they apparently don’t understand the term, evidently thinking that “impeachment” means “removal from office”, which has led to all kinds of confused absurdities I will skip. One large glaring item overlooked is the matter of the details of the charges of the articles of impeachment that led to the Senate trial. In all the noise about the alleged abuse of power that were presented as the “high crimes and misdemeanors”, people failed to examine the underlying story. You know the drill, all about Trump twisting arms in the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Biden as a condition of handing over the “aid” voted by Congress for Ukraine.

Missing throughout was the story of what that “aid” was. That, as far as I know, is all about providing “military aid” to the nation of Ukraine, with the rationale being about helping poor little Ukraine defend freedom and democracy and fight what keeps being referred to as “their war with Russia”. What most Americans are missing is that there is no war with Russia, really, what there is actually is all about the current Ukrainian government continuously attacking the regions of eastern Ukraine to crush the people there who refused to accept the overthrow of their elected President in a blatant coup d’etat in early 2014, already around six years ago, now. That apparently continues, and whatever covert cloak and dagger games might be going on there with Russian support of the eastern Ukrainians being attacked, there is no “war with Russia” or “Russian invasion”. It boggles my mind that people accept all the propaganda noise about all that, never stopping to consider the basics- if Russia really wanted to invade Ukraine and take over, does anybody seriously think that the Russian army would not be patrolling the streets of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in, what, maybe a week or so?

All that is an old subject here, but, then, maybe about three or four people might read everything about that topic covered here years ago. Having typed that paragraph about the back story to the “abuse of power” (with the actual problems being way worse and larger in scope than some unpleasant communication between Trump and whatsizname in Kiev), I sat here for a minute thinking to myself, why did I even bother with that… again?

Like the evasion and diversions about any serious grasp of what’s happening financially, the “economy” on the large macroscopic scale, digging into the actual reality of the “big news stories” flying around gets lost in the fray, such as, our government here in the US continuing to play their megalomaniacal “regime change” games.






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