2020.03.04 economic reality

Wednesday 2020.03.04

What you will not be reading here is more endless useless babble about some political sports event contest that seems to hold some people captivated. You will also not be reading about imminent arrival of cooties to kill you.

I have my own problems. I can talk about them here, with that amounting to something like laying down naked on the middle of a street and having no one even notice, judging by the numbers.

I am, right now, effectively destitute, pretty much literally dead broke, unpaid and overdue this, that, and everything. It is a strange situation for a man with actual “job skills” that actually cover a range of territory in the technical/industrial realm, but that is what I have now, with one small factor clearly being an age issue, not being a young man anymore, although nobody will dare to even acknowledge such a fact. Just to be clear, I am not really ancient, and am in fairly spry condition for my age, but, still, people do engage in this odd behavior of being very much focused on that while pretending otherwise.

If you can, hit that “donate” button and contribute something. Please?

I am also a recording artist composing musician, as a matter of fact, something I never mention here in this blog, although there is another one devoted to that, a relatively recent development. There is also my little web shop of recorded works on Bandcamp.

I do have a small appreciative audience, but the size of that group is far too small so far, and this artistic enterprise faces all kinds of obstacle issues largely revolving around notions too many people have thinking that recorded music is just not something one pays for anymore, like that concept is some silly anachronism. People will, then, on the other hand, muse among themselves about why concert tickets for higher profile and popularity artistes cost so much these days, and why do so many artists just not make any new recorded music these days, with apparently no sense of irony whatsoever.


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