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Sunday 2016.08.14

It’s a little ironic, in a bit of good timing by chance. I left off the last note here trying to cut down the length of these things, pausing at a subject that could have gone on for many pages, intending to return to all that later on. Just after that, I read a new article from Richard Heinberg posted on the website of the Post Carbon Institute that was almost as if it had been written to take up the task and cover what needed to come next.

When societies get badly stressed, delusional thinking increases. We are now in that situation. – James Howard Kunstler

Yes, I’ve quoted that from Kunstler many times before, and it just seems to keep becoming more relevant as I watch the current circus of politics, along with other events and situations.

I’m not sure how much it’s even worth the time to try to continually keep up with the specifics of the political insanity, particularly the ongoing raging farce of the battle of Godzilla vs. Megalon in the presidential election farce. The game continues, in the theatrics that continues to play out as some twisted “reality TV” daily serial soap opera and game show, like what was past standard American daytime television programming of game shows and soap operas, fused and mutated, and then transformed into 24/7 around the clock never ending showbiz from hell, spreading through a million media instead of the three commercial TV broadcast networks that were everything in the past. The Trump/Clinton show is, as I’ve said, continuing to play like a hellish game show called “Who’s Not The Worst?”. Just within the last hour I did some online skimming and found examples of people playing out the regular pattern of somebody saying something critical about one of these two walking horror shows, and someone else responding by then saying that the first person was supporting the other walking horror show by inference.

That running phenomenon is forming some strange running epidemic of a kind of public epidemic of mental illness as people keep trying to somehow rationalize the irrational, as they contort their minds to try to fit the reality of the now selected candidates of “the two party system” with the calcified nonsense of the idea that American government is “a two party system”, and it’s R or D, those are your choices, and that’s all, despite there being nothing in the structure and foundations of American government that instituted any such duopoly.

An item showed up among a few different websites that really needs a little more information to substantiate things, but what did appear (one page of these here) is really just something that has been floating around for a while. The scenario is the assertion that as Secretary of State, neocon player Hillary Clinton was well aware that arms were routed to characters involved in overthrowing the Libyan government, and then, “regime change” accomplished, routed to games of “regime change” in Syria”. This, of course, is what many people have been pointing at as the actual “Benghazi scandal”, not the circus of accusations by Brand R politicians that Clinton was incompetent and negligent in not sending in armed forces to the Benghazi consulate that was attacked, a place that, it appears, was a troublesome spot in supposedly being some sort of CIA outpost to play a part in gun running for regime change games.

Part of the broader view of that, stated in the articles I came across, is that the basic essence of all that is this being described as Clinton being a party in some form or another, being Secretary of State and overseeing it all, in, to put it simply, arming the bunch known as ISIS, to further the long running neocon ambitions of “regime change” in the middle east, and anywhere else they see as fitting with their ambitions, and adding more to the pile supporting the idea that the ISIS/ISIL/whatever gang is, either directly or indirectly, essentially a creation of the US gang of megalomaniacs.

The twists and turns in the circus of politics have been getting more and more strange to watch, with developments and events in all that just recently including noise related to that general situation involving Trump and some statements like “Obama invented ISIS”, and some stories popping up in some places saying that Julian Assange and Wikileaks find all kinds of email correspondence evidence showing complicity and knowledge of Clinton about weapons being supplied to dodgy characters in the middle east as part of the ongoing neocon “regime change” games. Then, following on from that, there are reactions from people hanging on with determination to the idea that they must support Hillary For President (because Trump!), which broadly cough up ideas about “conspiracy theory” silliness and anti-Hillary pro-Trump madness and wrong-thinking being the obvious only explanation for what they see.

I read one comment online that was what you might call a fairly extended comment, for the context, online, in a setting where more than two sentences is considered some kind of long essay, that was fairly interesting, in a slightly disturbing way. Basically, the person was responding to the “various articles” of the kind I just mentioned about Assange, Wikileaks, and the Clinton State Department emails. One part that I thought just knocked the needle on the irony meter into the red was something to the effect that people believing anything like the reported assertions from Assange about the Clinton email pile were suffering from “confirmation bias”, that these people were just looking for anything that seemed to confirm their already existing thoughts about Hillary Clinton being a bad bad person. There seemed to be no sense in the mind of the writer that he was suffering from confirmation bias, rather than other people, with that manifesting itself, in this case, as a sense that here is something that suggests something unpleasant and disturbing about Hillary Clinton, so, therefore, it must be untrue.

Just one of endless strange elements of the presidential campaign farce is that one of the few good things from Trump is his apparent disagreement with the whole neocon cult and all that goes with them, which seems to be one of the main factors in the conflict between the Brand R establishment and Trump, with the neocons bailing out on the now official R candidate and going en masse to support of Hillary Clinton, who has proved in every possible way that she is one of them, even while masses of people think that this simply can’t be, despite all available evidence, because, after all, she sticks a D next to her name. It has been really and truly bizarre to watch things play out as, amazingly, Trump has actually been much closer to the truth about the situation of Ukraine and Russia, and Russia in relation to Europe in general, than might be expected, and much of the resulting noise in what is considered “legit” news media has revolved around derisive snark and mocking disbelief about how Trump is clearly so ridiculous and badly informed about world affairs to have such absurd notions as he does, even as the same media operations continue to pump out propaganda about what has been happening in Ukraine, and about Russia in general and the supposed “aggression” and “Russian threat” that is just complete fucking nonsense and outright fiction, aloing with more subtle reality distortions based on small bits of true fact used in weaving a monstrously warped narrative.

Even trying to objectively sort out reality in any of this is seriously problematic, of course, as I’ve been saying for some time in talking about, not Trump, specifically, but the entire geopolitical reality warp coming from the Washington neocon club. The noise has been a little bit predictable in the context of the broad situation concerning all that, the situation in Ukraine over the past couple of years, and the neocon propaganda, and reactions to the actual truth there.

Trump must be a Russian agent! Trump is a Useful Idiot for the Evil Dictator Putin and his plans for Russian expansionism world domination! Why, Trump and Putin must be some kind of homo butt buddies!

Adding to the general insanity is the complication added when anybody tries to objectively sort out the truth in anything like this, and inevitably, people stuck in the madness of trying to rationalize electing Hillary Clinton to be President conclude that you must by definition be a Trump supporter and general purveyor of Right-Wing-propaganda at large.

Another item arising in the last few days is a blog post I read that puts forth a set of thoughts about something that more than a couple people have been considering, including me, that seems more and more like a plasuible idea, even as bizarre as it seems to consider. That is that the entire campaign of Donald Trump to be elected President has been a gigantic elaborate plan of manipulation to charge in as a loose cannon on deck and throw Brand R into disarray and pave the way to force people to accept the loathesome and dangerous Hillary Clinton as President, the Hillary Clinton who, it should be obvious by now, was selected to be the D candidate for 2016 by the Brand D apparatchiks a long time ago, even with the complications of the old Jewish guy coming in and almost upsetting the plan.



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