2016.11.26 now what?

Saturday 2016.11.26

Continuing on. As I was saying last time, suddenly in the past week or two I’ve been seeing a burst of noisy histrionics about “fake news”. Maybe people might remember one particular episode of “fake news” from over a decade ago, something examined in a new article on the Global Research website. Remember all the barrage of news stories bombarding the American public about Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, and his imminent threat to the United States of America, the Middle East, Europe, the world, and everybody?

It just amazes and appalls me beyond all measure to watch the current circus and try to comprehend how people can still really not understand the wretched state of what they are still regarding as “the real news”, “legit news”. The term “mainstream media” has become a regular bit of lingo to the extent that people even use an acronym of “MSM” to talk about it, either as the legitimate new media standing bold and true amidst the noisy lies and distortions of what they regard as “fake news” and propaganda, or as the suspicious establishment manipulating us, with a particular galling bit of irony. A lot of that kind of thing seems to have sprung forth from people who found themselves entranced by the around the clock entertainment of Fox News Channel, which they held up as the bastion of brave noble speaking of truth standing against the “liberal media” they were told about incessantly, completely oblivious to the manipulations of themselves by FNC.

I just skimmed through the noise of Facebook and was a little sad and more than a little disturbed to see that an online musical acquaintance, a bright and sensible guy, had “shared” a link to the same chunk of bullshit from the Washington Post that I pointed out in the last note, telling readers that fake news directed by the evil Russians and king villain bogeyman Vladimir Putin brought Russian patsy Donald Trump to power over us here in the US. That one has been accompanied by another piece on the Washington Post website, on the same theme. That one was worse than usual, and looking at the byline shows the name of somebody called Eric Chenoweth, described below the byline as being co-director of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe.

What is “the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe“? I had never heard of this, but the name fairly reeked of bullshit. So I looked to see what turned up about this entity that I had never heard of, and it turned out that somebody had written a piece about the organization that pretty thoroughly examined what I strongly suspected. This is not a group of people particularly interested in democracy, it’s all about the whole neocon cult quest for world domination, with “democracy” perverted into a euphemism meaning “your country must have a government following Washington’s orders”.

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