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Friday 2018.04.13

It really gets old and stale to talk about it, but we have some problems. I write about them here, but, looking at the WordPress statistics, the number of readers indicates that people could probably carpool together. Alright, that exaggerates a bit on the low side, but it’s a pretty small crowd.

In writing here, I have been using the phrase “bipolar political disorder” so often that somebody reading a batch of my notes here in a sitting might think that I have developed some sort of nervous tic wherein some semiautonomous section of my brain and fingers coordinate to just bang out those words now and then. Unfortunately, the mob insanity described by those words presents itself every day, usually many times every day, relentlessly. So, then, it becomes almost impossible to comment on observations of the world without mentioning this.

The blogger known as Brutus wrote a nice short little note on the idea of getting everybody on board, talking broadly about slightly different aspects of the same broad problem, that is, people dividing everything into conflicting little categories of people, getting into simplistic groupthink and stereotypes and clichés that all manage to get in the way of anybody getting to the core and essence of just about anything.

It is still hanging up in the air as to whether the US military might launch attack on another country that has not attacked us, or even presents some sort of threat to offer some thin thread of rationalization, and start World War III, this time involving nuclear weapons and other nasty problems developed since the last world war. That would be likely for the simple reason that this time, the country involved in the crosshairs is one with the larger and nuclear armed nation of Russia as an ally, where the government there has made it clear repeatedly that they are not going to simply let the US neocon warmongers in Washington stomp on Syria, and where the Russian military is already present.

I will save myself a lot of repeat typing and copy something I wrote elsewhere on the web, following a comment that mentioned the return and installation of neocon rabid warmonger John Bolton:

Yeah, Bolton is one of the best(worst) examples, and there he is again, ushered right into the middle of things again. He’s so gross and blatant he’s practically cartoonish, and, yet, here he is again. His return is a big clue all by itself.

There are all kinds of complications and confusion about a whole batch of things going on (and, for that matter, I’ve had a blog for several years where I write about a lot of this shit, with loads of linked articles… that generally gets ignored). One serious mistake would be to think that this is “a Trump problem”. BIG mistake.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that who occupies the White House is a trivial detail to the cult of loonies. Obama was brought to heel and in line, Bush the Second ran for President with talk about stopping messing with the rest of the world…

Donald Trump as President is such a farce it would be comical if it were fiction, but it’s not. But that gets us into all kinds of tangled messy confusion. Short version: if Trump gets tossed out, then we get President Pence, and the problem we’re talking about now might be worse. In fact, I might bet on that. In other words, Trump is a whole batch of problems, but he is NOT the problem in what we’re talking about now. Where he is a problem in this, ironically, is that “loose cannon on deck” Trump has apparently successfully been obedience trained and put on a leash, at least in the area of “foreign policy and military affairs”, by the bunch who are the actual problem. What might be our only hope in this is that sane and honorable people in upper military command can say “um, Mr. President, that would be a REALLY BAD IDEA” when needed.

Many people are so freaked out by Trump (with a long list of good reasons for that) that they make big mistakes in thinking in line with the idea “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Like Mueller… a terrible character, but now people think “he’s the man who will save us from Trump!”.

There’s a whole pile of a subject in this area. Trump ran and got support from some people partially because he was really noisy and critical of a bunch of people and problems revolving around what gets described as “the neocons”, along with what some call “Deep State” and/or “shadow government”, even Eisenhower’s warning about “the military-industrial complex”, and unfortunately once you get into that, people start rolling their eyes and laughing off “tinfoil hat conspiracy theory whackos”. A lot of people get simplistic and decide that anybody who wanted Trump a racist, fascist, mouthbreather moron, et cetera, but I know there are a lot of people who decided he was worth a try because they heard what he was saying as I just mentioned. But, then, that gets more messy, basically “really? you took seriously anything THAT guy ever says?”. But clearly a lot of people did. I didn’t. It’s always been obvious he’s a fountain of self serving bullshit. But all kinds of confusion comes along with this notion around that “you’re for Trump, and a moron, or against Trump, and a Good Guy”. For god’s sake, there is a batch of clues to derive just from looking at the running battle of “John McCain vs. Trump”.

I had also previously written:

We have a national government dominated by psychopathic warmonger megalomaniacs, something that has been a problem for so long that the general consensus seems to be people not even noticing it. Incidentally, for these people, despite all the bipolar political disorder squabbling that obsesses so many these days, who currently occupies the White House is a trivial side detail, just to get that out of the way here.

Those lunatics have been trying to start wars, and have been starting wars, and right now, as I type, there is a serious possibility of this cult of insanity pushing things to the point of actually launching a war on another country just because, once again, they’re having an extended petulant fit because some government in the world is not letting them have their way.

One ugly slice of this is that the latest is being sold as some sort of “humanitarian intervention”, following the latest narrative of chemical weapon attacks on Syrian civilians, one of a series, that, to make another long complicated story short, absolutely reek of the deceptive game known as a “false flag attack”, all saturated with suspicious items about them, but all sharing a common aroma of being just perfect to drive people into outrage and enthusiastically cheer to send the US military in to bomb the shit out of yet another country and take over (to bring a little “regime change” that gets rid of whatever pesky character is an obstacle to somebody’s plan and either replaces them with some compliant puppet, or just turns the place into chaos).

(Good thing we stopped Saddam Hussein with those “weapons of mass destruction” that we “know” he had!)

Now, this is being tried again, when this time the country involved has an ally that has made it clear about a billion times that they are not going to let that happen, and have their military already there, at the request of the government there because for several years they’ve been fighting off bands of characters from outside the country who went in to help along a little “regime change”, and to top it all off, if “we”, that actually means the psychos I’m talking about, start World War III by going to attack another country that has not attacked us, or is even mildly any kind of threat (really? is that what the United States of America is now?), there are nuclear weapons and other nasty things involved that are new developments since the asshole with the funny mustache and bad attitude started up the last world war.

The conversation elsewhere that was the source of me quoting myself was about a video clip I had posted, a commentary from Tucker Carlson on Fox News. This is not a man I would normally give much attention, and Fox News as a news organization is abysmal, generally a propaganda operation, but this commentary was dead on the mark, absolutely right. Credit where credit is due.

Bear with me if I repeat things again, since I am not sure what I might have already covered in previous notes about the Syrian mess. The reason the Russian military is in Syria is because they were asked by the Syrian government, to help fight off the various armed factions generally known as terrorists who came into Syria to try to take over the country and overthrow the government. The resulting warfare keeps being referred to consistently in the American news as “the Syrian civil war”, even though the opposing factions attacking the Syrian army and taking over territory are apparently outside groups coming into Syria. There are reportedly a whole assortment of warring factions involved, fighting both each other and the Syrian military, generally referred to as terrorists, featuring the dreaded ISIS, except for some factions who are apparently in favor with Washington, and become “the moderate opposition”. The warmongers and megalomaniacs dominating Washington keep chanting “Assad must go!”, another episode of the continual lust for “regime change” anywhere there is a national government that they deem to be an obstacle. At the same time, we hear that the US military is actually in Syria (despite the Syrian government making it constantly clear that they are not wanted there, which should be obvious) to “fight the War On Terror”, the dreaded ISIS, telling us they are attacking the evil terrorists… who happen to be trying to overthrow Bashir al-Assad and take over, exactly what the Washington bunch keep saying they want.

There are people who manage to have no trouble understanding the trouble with the idea of attacking another country, but also still seem to think that this is a Trump problem, as I said in the text above.

The rationalization, not for the first time, for the idea of attacking Syria is the reported chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians, the latest of a few such attacks bombarding us in the news. The trouble with all of them is that they are anywhere from deeply suspect to full on unadulterated bullshit, and that has been covered here before. The latest episode just by sheer coincidence happened to come just days after President Trump had announced that it was time to pull the US military out of Syria.

It should be mentioned that the odd thing I recall is that we didn’t hear any of this noise about the evil Russia and the evil bogeyman Putin until right around the time people in Washington started making noises about “Assad must go!” and the Russians piped in to say that they were not going to have any of this, when Syria was an old ally.

Then came Ukraine. I have been over that one about a million times. An elected president decides to not do something Washington wants. Already, neocon star players like Victoria Nuland and John McCain had visited Ukraine to make friendly with “opposition groups”, never mind that they included actual neo-Nazis (something dismissed as “Russian propaganda” later even though entirely true), offering support. Suddenly there’s a “people’s revolution”, the elected president overthrown in a coup d’etat, replaced by people of Washington’s choosing, and when the people in Crimea voted by over 90% to separate from Ukraine and the new regime and ask Russia to become Russian again (as Crimea had been until 60 years previously), the neocons really went apeshit.

Ever since, notice that you don’t hear anything about Ukraine from the government or the usual news media without constantly dropping in subtle references to “Russian invasion of Ukraine” or “Putin’s invasion and seizure of Crimea” and so on.

Ukraine was, and still is, one of the most grotesque schemes of the neocons, and yet still, the propaganda has been so dense that I think most Americans (not all) only think of Ukraine, if they think of it, with the towering stack of bullshit fed to them continually for quite a long time, until it started sticking (the Goebbels/Nazi propaganda method of The Big Lie in action) and still think some vague notions about “oh, right, Ukraine, where Putin and the Russians invaded and took over” or something like that, so completely backwards and wrong that it’s staggering.

When people got the idea planted about “Trump and Russian collusion”, people really lost their minds, solidifying the “Russian villains” narrative as people repulsed by Trump becoming President latched on to that as “this is how we’ll get rid of Trump!”.

One thing that has been concerning me, amidst the great pile, is the way people have been sucked in by some variant of the notion “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Like, for example, the way people seem to regard Robert Mueller as some noble hero striving to save us from Trump. Do people not know who that guy is?

The flipside inverse seems to be odd mental problems from an idea like “the friend of my enemy is my enemy”, and once anything suggested that Trump might actually have a good relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin, well, that was that, people were fully on-side with the neocons barking insanity about “the enemy Russians”.

Incidentally, even as I write this, suddenly I look and find the news… President Donald Trump has ordered the launch of an attack on Syria, “in response” to the chemical weapons attacks that are extremely suspect, and, very likely, some would say certain, to be a “false flag” attack entirely contrived as theater to justify an attack, you know, for “humanitarian” reasons.

It might actually be that Donald Trump has started World War III on Friday the 13th.

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