2018.02.02 still there’s more

People amaze me sometimes.

The tribal politics go on and on. I know this is old, but as we roll on forward into 2018, I just cannot get over the bizarre phenomenon of the epidemic of bipolar political disorder playing out. Take a peek at the current shitstorm that is American politics and it defies belief.

For the people locked into the folly, the bipolar tribalism seems to be getting worse and worse. I have been watching all this and talking about it for a long time now, so, obviously, there is an awful lot I could say that would be redundant.

One part of this is getting worse, though, or at least it seems that way from my own observations. What I think is getting worse is that many people locked into the bipolar political disorder are so completely fixated on identifying everyone and everything as being from their side versus the other side, for or against their side versus the other side, in two neat simplistic camps and categorical bins, that anybody perceived as not being their side is immediately and absolutely seen and labeled as being part of the evil other side. The mob psychosis behavior then proceeds. In that, if you are seen as not one of us, you are one them, then.

Even addressing this is difficult, to understate this a bit, as talking about this kind of thing gets into a whole extra batch of foolishness. At some point, the odds are good that somebody will then start categorizing any attempt to break out of the stupid simplistic categorization.

Sometimes you get people not sucked into identifying their entire existence as a Republican or a Democrat being identified as “Independents”, which, in this kind of locked mindset, only means that a person has not yet made their choice between D or R in a given election, because, of course, there is R and there is D and there can be no others, apparently.

Sometimes you can field silliness about somebody’s notions of a perception of nonexistent claims of “false equivalence” between one side and the other side, and somebody will then launch into arguing with some Straw Man that they conjured into existence themselves, completely apart from what their target had actually said.

If somebody refuses to click into place as “Left” or “Right”, or maybe Liberal or Conservative, there is a good chance the label “Centrist” will pop up, still getting stuck in some “political spectrum” ruler scale running from “Left” at one end and “Right” at the other.

The overall running problem, and this should be obvious, is that for people completely stuck in the throes of bipolar political disorder, anything that is free from that binary switch flip absurdity must be somehow resolved in their minds by being forced into a context that sticks it right back into the bipolar framework of two neat groups of Us or Them.

I have been writing about constant gross examples of this, of course, not that it seems to help. There is definitely, as I have said before, a “preaching to the choir” aspect to this. People who get it probably already understood it, and merely appreciate to some degree seeing that somebody else understands, and the people locked into the deep madness of bipolar political disorder simply dig in deeper and deeper in response to anything that tries to nudge them free.

Amid all the squabbling noise, just one piece of this that should be considered is the “Affordable Care Act” epic, or “Obamacare”, as people insist on calling it.

That comes to mind as we get to the time of year when people are dealing with income tax returns. The matter of medical insurance here in the United States still mainly revolves around people depending on medical insurance plans directly tied to a particular position of employment, despite all the noise about how “healthcare reform” would address this problem along with many others.

For anybody who is not simply covered by medical insurance policy consistently throughout a tax year, because of changing employment situation, and has time without such coverage required by mandate, they can find themselves in a tax situation where they then have to figure out how they will penalized in paying a tax penalty for the offense of not being able to afford some outrageously expensive and incredibly shitty medical insurance policy. That added insult and difficulty involves people then being forced to find their way through a bizarre labyrinth of forms and instructions and convoluted flowcharts and procedures jumping around between forms and checklists and questions and calculations winding around back and forth in order to work out how they must penalize themselves, how much it will cost them, even if their tax returns would, if all this were not involved, be very simple.

This is just one of the farcical pieces of the sadistic joke that is the ACA. Raise objections to that legal farce, and you are guaranteed heat from people locked into their case of bipolar political disorder, with their tribal madness holding them to the position hailing “Obamacare” as a miracle of salvation in “healthcare reform”. Dare to object to that delusion because of an objective grasp of the reality, and you will be declared a member of the evil other side, one of those nasty Republican Right-Wing Conservative people. Never mind that what we ended up with was virtually exactly what was a scheme cooked up years ago by the Brand R camp of politicians and associated “think-tanks”, including the basic idea that the response to people not having shitty expensive medical insurance they could not afford from insurance companies dedicated to sucking in as much money as possible is to make it the law of the land to require them to do so. The flipside “other side” absurdity, of course, was that the legal implementation of this kind of scheme, then promoted by the Brand D camp, suddenly became a “socialist takeover of healthcare” communist plot committed by Democrats/Liberals/The Left.

Focus on any thing, event, situation, person, and the epidemic of bipolar political disorder and tribal madness makes it virtually impossible for mobs of people to look at the subject at hand and see anything as it is.



Tribal Politics Make Hypocrites Out of Republicans AND Democrats – IVN.us


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