2016.12.04 reviewing

Being that we’re now into December, that brings certain things with it. One of them, although the big flurry of media presentations tends to be concentrated in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, is to do some sort of review of the year coming to a close.

That’s a challenge. There will be no shortage of people, all over the place, saying that 2016 has not been a great year, and even downright weird.

I’ll state the obvious, that the recent election here in the United States has provided all kinds of noisy drama and hysterics, and, as I’ve been seeing, the passing of the election day has not brought to a close the noisy nonsense that has bombarded us for an interminable length of time now. What people sometimes call the “election campaign season” has grown to be something that is nearly endless, a permanent fixture that begins as soon as an election day passes. This time around, the passing of the election day and the results coming in to a conclusion has just shifted the nature of the noise.

It does appear, more and more, that many people have just gone completely fucking nuts.

Meanwhile- A very good little video clip appeared on the web courtesy of The Free Thought Project, passed around in the social media world, that’s much better than much of the noise flying around as web memes.

  1. Fear. The foundation of all control.
  2. Intimidation.
  3. Distract.
  4. Divide and conquer.

Ironically, The Free Thought Project appears to be one of the names declared to be “a Fake News website” by some of the entities pumping out noise about “fake news” in recent weeks all of a sudden.

There’s a strange kind of circular logic at work in a lot of people’s minds regarding this problem, I think. It seems to go something like this. People regard various bits of noise as “real news” because, in their view, it comes from “legit news” sources. Well, what makes you think they are “legit news”? Because they report the real news! How do you know that what you’re getting is the real news? Because they’re legit news sources!

The irony piles up daily, in this whole “fake news” contrived drama, as entities that are probably labeled as “fake news”, by some of the characters responsible for this recent noise, report on this whole phenomenon and work to sort out what is happening. Read, for example, an article on the Counterpunch website on this farce, and see a glimpse of what it looks like when people do actual journalism.

One of the weekly essays on the Archdruid Report blog from John Michael Greer nailed down a lot about the absurdity of the “fake news” farce very nicely.

This “fake news” meme has suddenly become an incessant dominating item, jacking up the noise level to much worse than it already had been.

I have talked about it before, long before this recent burst. The irony, twists, and turns got even stranger.

What I had been looking at for some time was the prevalence of what was pretty simply describable as “fake news” in a very simple literal way. This is the presence of various websites that have the appearance of being news websites that very simply put up pages of items appearing to be news that are simply fiction, hoaxes, apparently sometimes somebody’s idea of a joke, their idea of satire and parody, despite a pretty dismal lack of humor in much of this kind of thing, or, sometimes, what appears to be their idea of humor, while seeming to indicate a sense of “humor” that’s simply stupid and even malicious. That kind of thing has become a problem as many people have taken the “social media” parts of the web and turned them into conduits to propagate that kind of nonsense by a simple mouse click.

If you want to talk about a “fake news” problem, well, it’s pretty obvious that would be it, right there.

Widening the scope a little, a problem that is probably much bigger, and much worse, is the assortment of supposedly serious news media that pump out material presented as serious news, real news, and taken as such by vast numbers of people as being such, while presenting stuff that is, to be blunt, complete bullshit, falsehoods and distortions ranging from the subtle and insidious to blatant and just staggering. I’ve been talking about this kind of thing for quite a long time now, of course.

It is not simply a case of distortions and untruths, there is also the large and serious matter of, shall we say, omissions, major, profound, serious events and situations simply ignored by our supposed free press of the usually accepted “legit news media” variety.

But then even talking about that gets you a load of “whacky conspiracy theory nut” nonsense, or, maybe, being categorized by some people as one of the Fox News and AM radio bloviation victims who yap about “the Liberal Media”, a tribe who have already been victims of reality perception warpage thanks to a particular vein of corrupted “news”.

No, the recent sudden burst of insanity in saturation level doses has been noise about “fake news” complete with blacklists from deeply questionable pr outright mysterious sources coughing up lists that don’t just cover outright hoax websites like I just mentioned, along with websites that basically amount to digital versions of grocery store checkout tabloid trash, but a number of websites that are disturbing to see included because they happen to be serious sources from people doing genuine, thorough, honest journalism on topics that matter. Thankfully, not all of them are taking this lightly and are fighting back.

It is not just this that is really disturbing, but the sort of mob frenzy mass psychosis that is coming forth as a reaction to it. As this continues, and seems to snowball accumulate, as mob psychosis is unfortunately prone to do, there are extra layers of disturbance to be found in the way it looks to be another phase of demonstration of the dreaded bipolar political disorder.

Regarding the recent presidential election, the good news is that Hillary Clinton lost, the bad news is that Donald Trump won. If that had gone differently, the good news would have been that Donald Trump lost, but the bad news would be that Hillary Clinton won. This unfortunate dilemma is something that a great many people have a very hard time getting to grips with, and it is manifesting itself in all sorts of ugly raging. I have been watching an endless stream of online histrionics revolving around people outraged and traumatized by the election win of Trump the orange lizard man and the loss of Hillary “It’s My Turn” Clinton, with some horrifically recurring themes and characteristics.

Now, with the “fake news” straw men on the loose, but existing before all that nonsense got put out there, we have all this noise claiming that Hillary Clinton only lost the election, with Trump winning it, because Russian hackers and spies under the command of the evil villain Vladimir Putin “hacked the election” to install Trump, who we’re told is the patsy puppet servant of the evil Putin to take over America and pave the way for Putin’s conquest of the globe. That insane bullshit has been around for a while now, but has really gone into overdrive since the election and, now, this “fake news” campaign.

One of the notes of irony is the massive propaganda campaign of this “fake news” meme pumped into the American public pysche daily is to convince people that the only reason Clinton lost and Trump won was because Russian propaganda corrupted the minds of America and stole the election.

That appears to mostly be about the revelations of Hillary Clinton’s email communications, including those with the Democratic party power establishment, along with all that was involved in her time as Secretary of State, with all the problems there. It’s amazing to watch the way that so many people have managed to ignore all that, the massive pile of problems and warning signs there, and instead go banging off the walls about the idea, which still seems to have no real proof, that it was all grabbed and revealed by Russian spies and hackers, like that would, even if true, somehow negate the truth revealed by all that email.

It really is simple and fantastically ridiculous that the apparent thought in many people’s minds is that these revelations affected the voting choices of American citizens, which is very likely true, and should be true (unless people are complete fools), but, apparently, it would be alright if only all that was still hidden away and secret. The problem, you are expected to think, is not that Hillary Clinton, and also the Brand D party leadership, did anything wrong, but that people revealed that, and those people are very bad and must be punished for revealing the truth.

Matt Taibbi wrote an article about some of the Brand D party games, so I suppose he must be a Russian agent and traitor to America then?

All kinds of tangled knots of madness seem to be coming together to wind themselves up into some sort of compounded knots.

What, you might ask? Good question, and I think it might be reasonable to suggest that if you consider this, it might be a very long list of items, with a continuous addition of more right about the time it seems complete, like the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition sketch.

There is the combination of confusion and ignorance among the American public due to the increasing dysfunctions of the American news media in all its forms, which would be an analysis generating its own long list of items.

There is the running, and now seemingly increasing, neocon obsession with Russia, in general, with a more focused obsession on the current Russian head of state Vladimir Putin as something like a Bond movie bogeyman. Look at the Russian threat to America! See the Russian aggression! Never mind that the only “threat” to us here in the United States, or the rest of the world for that matter, seems to be a remarkable refusal of the Russians to obey Washington’s orders. The supposed Russian aggression narrative is pretty much exemplified in the Ukraine horror show, which I’ve written about, complete with loads of references to actual genuine journalism covering the actual story, plenty already.

Then, of course, there is the ongoing epidemic of bipolar political disorder, which seems to warp the minds of everybody afflicted with the disease, even the normally most intelligent, attentive, and thoughtful of humans.

With that problem in the mix, if you can forgive me for torturing a metaphor, when it comes to the problems of a variety of compounded knots, the result of the bipolar political disorder problem is that people stuck in it seem to believe that the solution to sort out the knots is to line up in their neat dualistic mobs and yank on the ends of the metaphorical tangled line harder and harder, and then scream that the knots are not loosening up and working out because The Other Side is doing it all wrong.

Getting back to the current frenzy about Russian spies, Russian propaganda, and whatever else about the Russians supposedly installing Trump as President, there was one online comment from a stranger on the web in the social media world saying, and I paraphrase from memory, that it is absolutely clear that Putin/Russia “hacked the election”, unless you’re a racist xenophobic white supremicist Nazi Trump supporter.

Toe the line and get with the program! You aren’t a racist xenophobic white supremicist Nazi Trump supporter now, are you?

At this point, there are people lost in the mob lunacy who might read all this and not only have idiotic notions banging around having been loosed in their heads by their programming that I must clearly be some Russian agent, Russian propagandist, or lacky fool tool of the Russians (and Putin personally), along with being “a Trump supporter”.

There is this thing we have all run into where you find yourself listening to somebody tell you about something that, at least according to them, “everybody knows”. Don’t question it, you silly fool, everybody knows that! What’s interesting is how many people seem to be yapping about “Russia hacked the election and made Trump President”, as this sort of “everybody knows X” items, that supposedly everybody knows, and they know this, it’s said, based on the massive certain evidence of a secret CIA report.

If you didn’t crack up laughing or at least roll your eyes, stop and sit back and contemplate how everybody knows based on a secret report.

By the way, in case you might have forgotten, remember that “everybody knew” that Saddam Hussein had his dreaded Weapons of Mass Destruction (a neatly concise little coined bit of lingo that we had never heard before, until it was being hammered into people’s heads every time they read or heard some news), so we had better to attack another country, overthrow the government, and take over, or at least, until everybody eventually didn’t know that at all.







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