2016.09.05 the era of ignoring

In the online “social media” world, lately the chunk of the web gathered under the guise of the Facebook has changed as the so-called “News Feed” has been altered to be even more cluttered and polluted than it already was, by the sudden appearance of endless noise and “clickbait” sites, pumped out as “Suggested Post”, sponsored posts… in other words, advertising. In one of these stupid time and space wasting items, the associated text begins with: “It’s called Netflix Indecision and it’s a serious problem”. This is one of the dumber things I’ve had thrown in my face, I think, and it might be a perfect tiny little glimpse of the state of things in a broader view.

I mean, seriously, “Netflix Indecision“? This is a serious problem? I like the way the words in the phrase are capitalized (not just the name of the entity involved), as if this were some sort of formal name for a specified diagnosis of affliction or condition. Oh my God, you’re in the grip of Netflix Indecision! How you must suffer!

Now, of course, the reasonable assumption would be to think that this was obviously facetious, and some web article about a selection of movies that somebody thinks are good viewing would throw in a silly line like that to pump up the importance a tad with possibly a bit of sense of humor about how this is really not something of any real importance at all. If I think about that, then, the thing that still holds me up and makes me think more about such trivial silliness is the growing realization that there really is a problem, and not the one that’s presented there. The unavoidable and pretty disturbing reality is that it seems apparent that a ridiculous portion of the American populace now really does seem to view things like their entertainment choices and other recreation trivia as more important than all manner of really important stuff.

Thinking for a second about what to throw on here for a title I was thinking about something like “the era of ignoring the obvious”. The problem with that is when I continued to think about it for a minute, I gradually started to think that this would not really be right, as the obvious isn’t so obvious. Saying that might need more explanation, and I’m not sure how to put this. It’s a case where many things are really obvious, but, for an astounding number of people, they are not actually obvious at all, and, even worse, they might have some notions in their head where they think something is obvious, that, in fact, might be in serious conflict with actual reality, if not even opposite to reality.

This is, without a doubt, a very weird period in history, especially here in the United States, especially where the kind of thing I just said is concerned. There are just so many subjects where the problem I just described is pervasive, a major epidemic of complete ignorance or firmly implanted ideas about events and circumstances in the world that are largely or completely within the bounds of the intellectual category of “complete fucking nonsense”.

For any serious and objective viewer, it is pretty obvious that there is a severe problem with so much of the populace of the US being well wrapped up with silly focus, to the point of almost an obsession, with their entertainment and sports fixations, but it gets even worse than just petty knuckleheads being so common. There are real and severe problems with people who actually have some education and awareness of the world around them and things of some substance, even considering themselves very well informed and thinking people, who have their heads so saturated with, well, complete fucking nonsense, bombarded with deceptions and confusion of all sorts on a daily basis, that they have problems, or, I should say, we all have problems as a result.

I have been collecting an assortment of article web links to throw in when I got around to writing this, as good examples of the obvious that are being ignored, and I just realized that there have been so many piling up that I would have to stop and sort things out a bit. This is not a new problem. I’ve mentioned this quandary of sitting here writing and thinking “where do I start?” often. The problems of ignored information and raw misinformation are made worse by the ongoing, and increasing, problems of what we get these days in America as “news media”, even while there are now an assortment of news sources where actual journalism is practiced. Too often those are dismissed instantly, with little to no thought and objective consideration, as “conspiracy theory”. It’s pretty disturbing to see that kind of dismissal play out, especially when I see it from people who I know really should be smart enough to know better, ought to be able to see things as they are. As I’ve talked about so often, it seems apparent that very often this kind of problem stems from the pathology of what I have been calling bipolar political disorder.

On that subject, watching how things seem to be going is a very mixed bag. Sometimes it seems to be getting better, as more people gradually (or maybe not so gradually, sometimes?) grasp a growing sense of so much of what they have shoveled out at them being a little odd, questionable, or even just full on scrambled nonsense.

On the other hand, and this is not a surprise, a lot of other people seem to dig in deeper and deeper to whatever bog of propaganda and delusion they chose at some point, and I have to guess that this kind of thing is some sort of evasive action, almost some kind of instinctive reflex, to try to isolate themselves from anything that might start to trigger a recognition of how much cognitive dissonance they have going on in their own minds, an extension or reflection of the swirling nonsense and irrational noise around them.

I don’t know. I mean, I’m not a psychologist. What do I know?

About that term, by the way, bipolar political disorder, I have to say that I am a little surprised that it has not started to catch on and become common, given circumstances and events of the recent years. I started using that at some point, but can’t claim invention of the phrase, as I did come across it at some point, used by somebody else somewhere I forget, after I had coined the phrase (or so I thought). It certainly seems like other people have had the same sort of thoughts, see that whole sick phenomenon as what it is. Unfortunately, or, it might be fair to say, tragically, the BPD has a powerful effect, an overwhelming kind of gravitational pull, for people who hang on to it with determination, apparently finding some false sense of stability and comfort and reassurance in that.

It should be clear that this is not all about politics, also, although of course all this has ahuge destructive effect in managing to make all kinds of topics and situations and events all about politics in the minds of people suffering from this illness.

One thing that has become increasingly apparent is that there is some profound wisdom in the saying I encountered a few years ago that says it’s hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it. Encountering the truth of that has become more and more frequent in my experience, to an extent I cannot even fully believe sometimes. It shows itself particularly badly at lower levels of corporate hierarchy, sometimes being so astonishing and seriously problematic that it’s enough to make you just scream at people, even while it’s obvious that doing anything like that is utterly useless, as the people involved in that kind of thing are never going to be snapped out of their particular calcified state of obtuse, and, if anything, are probably going to react by being even more obtuse and idiotic while declaring you to be a very bad person guilty of hurting their feelings.

I’m sure that this is probably another pervasive item that is so overwhelmingly common, with all kinds of severely maddening repercussions, that it serves as another kind of test for people to tell whether or not their sense of reality and reason is still functional or not. I think it’s particularly awful to occasionally have some sort of encounter where there is a sense that a person you’re dealing with does have a sense of something very wrong in their work setting, as they deal with you in some matter, and it seems apparent that they are forced by circumstances to subvert and repress any rational sense and honesty to maintain some pretense, some massive idiocy and dishonesty, toeing some corporate management line of policy and procedure while reciting the platitudes and scripted gibberish required of them.

Sounding familiar?

This will be all too familiar to people still possessing their senses and a functioning mind, with all manner of frustrating and sometimes severely problematic experiences of their own, sometimes dealing with somebody in the realm of “customer service” of one kind or another, sometimes in a more close and personal setting in the realm of “HR”, as people now commonly refer to what, at some point, became “Human Resources” (a fairly perverse term, really) instead of “personnel”.

This is something particulary galling as we arrive at the American national holiday of Labor Day, which, in 2016, has become something of a twisted and sadistic joke.




One Response to 2016.09.05 the era of ignoring

  1. Brutus says:

    At first, I thought the phenomenon you are describing is the familiar accusation against people too limited in their thinking to hold conflicting viewpoints in their head — people forced to choose a side or position who then defend it maniacally. But then I realized that lots of people have compartmentalized their thinking to such a degree that holding conflicting viewpoints does not in fact require choosing. There is no cognitive dissonance at irreconcilable points of view because the professional blinders are so tight they obscure the obvious. What a truly informed and worldly person sees as obvious, with myriad interlocking parts formed into wholes rather than abstracted into context-free infobits, lies beyond surface appearances and requires some actual thought, causing enough mental anguish once the picture has formed to disincentivize ever going through that process again.

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