2016.07.20 real -part 2

It’s interesting to step back and watch what seems to get a lot of people’s attention, and what appears to be mostly, or even completely, ignored. Occasionally peeking at the reader statistics for this space shows that not many people bother reading my notes here. That by itself doesn’t bother me terribly, except for the fact that most of what I have been doing here is setting aside my own personal activities, and interests, and any sort of self promotion, to try to pass along information that is important, and often just plain flat-out urgent.

Looking around the world of the web, along with all sorts of idiot petty trivia for diversions and distractions, I see that people are going on and on about a passing tempest in a teapot “drama”, revolving around the speech given to the circus of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland by Mrs. Trump, or, as we might refer to her, Trump trophy wife #3. This general kind of thing has now become a standard item on the agenda for these conventions, where the wife of a candidate stands up before the crowd, TV cameras, and everybody and delivers an empty speech essentially consisting of spending a chunk of time to say “isn’t my husband swell? he really should be the next President!”. (Presumably, Mr. Clinton will perform a similar act for his wife soon).

Now, obviously, if you have been watching, the swirling noise is about the fact that whole chunks of Mrs. Trump’s speech was copied and pasted verbatim from the same sort of speech delivered by Mrs. Obama several years ago. It the barking and squabbling that ensued (still going), the bipolar political disorder has been in play, which is no surprise, and almost always completely missing the larger point, as at least one person pointed out. It’s not about plagiarism, it’s about platitudes, empty platitudes, and people using the same platitudes is almost a matter of using standard generic nothings.

For disclosure, I have tried to watch the Republican National Convention, despite the certainty of it being, to some degree, a waste of time. The results have been that I have only found myself able to stand anywhere from a few minutes to maybe a maximum of around ten minutes before I just could not stand any more, bailing out thinking “what am I doing?”.

It has been a little interesting to sit back and watch the online noise revolving around the event, in general, and particular events within the overall event, not interesting in any good way much of the time. As much as this might seem like a tired subject, a bottom line appraisal is that the whole scene has included lots of displays of bipolar political disorder manifesting itself, as all sorts of people go banging on about this, that, or the other thing regarding this circus in Cleveland based entirely on what they see in terms of Their Side versus The Other Side.

I would like to get away from all that, especially since I’ve had way more than enough of that circus, and typically, as things go these days, much is shoved aside and ignored during something like this, that becomes the big story of the infotainment news. There is one item I have to throw in, though, as a bit of interesting news suggests that it might be the intention of Herr Trump that if elected President he will simply delegate virtually the whole job to his VP.

I do want to focus a little on more of what I’ve been writing about for a long time, in one way or another, which is how much gets dumped into people’s minds as news that is often, shall we say, flawed.

Recent ugly news included the abysmal horror of people being massacred in Nice, France during Bastille Day celebrations by a psychopath with a gun driving a truck through a crowd. Immediately, this was set upon in news as yet another “terror attack” (or terrorist attack, as described by people who can use language properly), an atrocity from the evil ISIS.

It didn’t seem relevant that there was no evidence of what this was being reported as being, other than the fact that the creature committing the act had an Arabic name. Close enough, apparently.

A Mass Murderer Becomes a ‘Terrorist’–Based on Ethnicity, Not Evidence | FAIR

A Surly Misfit With No Terror Links Turned a Truck Into a Tank – The New York Times

So, what happened next? In “revenge against ISIS”, apparently, the French air force joined in on the bombing of Syria, and, apparently, this makes sense to some people.

While We Obsessed over Melania, US Airstrikes Massacre Scores of Civilians in Syria

‘Bloody massacres’: Syria appeals to UN after French & US airstrikes ‘kill over 140 civilians’

Not long ago, we had the ugly scene where people were staging a protest in Dallas about the unfortunate regularity of people with brown skin being shot by police for seriously questionable reasons. Suddenly it was “breaking news” that reported snipers in the area were firing on police around the protests, an ambush suggested by some as committed by “Black Lives Matter activists/terrorists”, triggering all kinds of raging insanity. Then, it turned out, there were no snipers in some ambush team, there was no sniper, there was one character walking the street firing on police, shooting and killing several of them.

The police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge both happened to be committed by men who were US military combat veterans, the Dallas shooting having been in the Army in Afghanistan, the Baton Rouge shooter a Marine who had been in Iraq.

I find it odd that in all the noise about these events, there seems to have been little or no notice and thought given to that fact, and wondering about men being trained as killers, sent off to kill and face being killed in combat situations that have never been officially declared wars, thousands of miles away, and then coming back here, and possible repercussions. No, it’s “black activists war on police” or things to that effect.

I know this is a repeating subject, but between the farce of what’s presented as “news” in present day America, the suspension of factual reality and reason in the epidemic of bipolar political disorder, and other factors, it’s amazing that people can ever actually get, and understand, straight true information about anything of any importance.


Political Poison And Collective Trauma, By Michael Meade | Carolyn Baker

Wind-Up Toys | The Spiral Staircase

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