2016.07.17 Godzilla vs Megalon

Here we are, just past the celebration of Independence Day here in the United States. Putting aside the glaring fact that an unbelievable portion of the citizenry don’t have the vaguest idea of what the holiday is about, we continue to witness the swirling lunacy of the 2016 presidential election circus. The level of surrealism to the whole circus just ratchets up and up. It’s starting to look like a Fellini film or something, making me half expect to see a scene at a political rally at some point with a midget clown riding a bicycle around in circles.

In some respects, it resembles some sort of perverse TV game show or “reality” TV competitive farce, and I would propose a title for such a thing to be “Who’s Not The Worst?!“. Faced with the “presumptive nominee” pairing of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and a kind of mass mental illness that accepts the continual declarations from Brand R and Brand D about “our two party system”, I have been watching, along with loads of other people, the bizarre phenomenon of people faced off against each other and basically shouting-



Clinton And Trump, Least Trusted Candidates In Modern History, Compete to See Who’s Less Terrible

To paraphrase an old joke from American humorist Will Rogers about political parties, the more you look at those two, the more you realize that each is worse than the other. The whole thing really is like a bizarre B movie script.

There is Trump and his old relationship with the late Roy Cohn, a vile creature whose name will be familiar to people who know more recent American history, who is said to have been a main mentor to Trump.

Another item that smells of a more general kind of personal scandal is news that Trump is now being accused in a civil lawsuit case of raping a 13 year old girl, years ago, who is now suing Trump because of the time that has passed and statute of limitations. This, of course, is an allegation, at this point. It seems likely that some people will suggest that this is a contrived scandal with timing that’s about a political agenda to destroy Trump. It is something that needs to be considered as plausible, simply from observations of Trump that constantly and repeatedly show evidence of the man’s character as a sociopathic narcissist whose entire view of life and the world and his existence within it is “I’ll have whatever I want!”.

It’s probably a good idea to point out a story saying that examination of what Trump says has been found, according to the story, to be 91% false, to some degree.

There is so much wrong with Trump, and so deeply and extensively wrong, that for the sake of keeping the length down here I think I should probably move on at the moment.

So, moving on to Mrs. Clinton, an oddity appeared that was, in itself, kind of an indicator of the problems of getting a realistic public understanding of what’s going on. I’ll point you to a story on the MSNBC website about the opinion/editorial piece in the Washington Post, given the way that WP articles may or may not be readable dependent on subscription.

With Clinton exonerated, conspiracy theorists turn on Trey Gowdy | MSNBC

It’s a bit of a twisted knot to unravel. The pundit author of the piece talks about the “Benghazi hearings” in Congress that finally came to a close, with the general story being that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was cleared, exonerated, of anything wrong in her role regarding the ugliness that occurred several years ago at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Apparently some people in the bipolar political dodgeball games are outraged that Brand R politicians involved did not deliver what they would consider suitable condemnation and destruction of the former Secretary of State based on the accusation that Mrs. Clinton was responsible for what they regard as the deaths of four Brave Americans when the consulate came under attack from a local armed force in the midst of the raging civil war that ensued in the course of the overthrow of the Libyan government, by ignoring the situation or simply refusing to send in military forces to help, and, then, covering up the whole matter. In the “other side” of the bipolar lunacy, people regarded the entire affair, the extended theater of these hearings and the noise surrounding them, as nothing more than a partisan political witchhunt to destroy the “Liberal Democrat” Hillary Clinton, suffering victim of the vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

The twist offered up by pundit Dana Milbank is that some radical Right Wing players were outraged that what were supposed to be their R allies had failed in this, and this outrage is described as coming from “Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists” with ideas that the result that dissapointed them so severely was due to Brand R congressional persons who were in on a secret game to put on a show, but actually protect the former Secretary, with the supposed wacky conspiracy theory being that it was because they secretly approved of covert operations happening in the Benghazi consulate to first over throw the Libyan government, and then, that accomplished, operate the Benghazi diplomatic consulate as a CIA gun running outpost to route weapons and resources to overthrow the Syrian government.

That is presented as the “conspiracy theory” of wacky radical Right Wing nutballs. The problem here is that this is something that is not new, appears to be the actual situation, and it’s not “radical right wing conspiracy theories”.

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter Sy Hersh: Benghazi Is a HUGE Scandal … But Not For the Reason You Think

You can go and read that story, and find that this is not some random brain noise from some oddball “conspiracy theorist”, going through all the links to the various stories there. It’s still murky and unclear, but getting at the truth in any clear public light is a tough task, given what I already described.

In the layers of complications, part of the problems is the weird sort of internal conflicts among Brand R loyalists, not only between different people, but also probably a certain amount of internal cognitive dissonance dillemas and conflicts within the minds of individual people, between having ideas in their heads all wrapped up in the whole neoconservative agenda, full support for the whole idea of “regime change” everywhere or full compliance from governments around the world until the entire planet is ruled by the orders of the Washingon neocons, versus ideas of neutralizing or destroying the supposed “Liberal Leftist Democrat” Hillary Clinton, even while the reality of Mrs. Clinton involves here being a full on dedicated neocon, herself. But this is complicated for everybody caught up in the dysfunction of bipolar political disorder, on “both sides”, because she sticks a D next to her name. People think, well, that whole neoconservative thing, that’s a Republican thing, that’s Bush and Cheney and Rumsfield!”. Never mind that in virtually everything Hillary Clinton does that in any way relates to affairs in the rest of the world, she has been, and is, a full on neocon.

Neoconservatives Endorse Hillary Clinton for President Because They Know She’s One of Them – Truthdig

Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes

Then, of course, we have the whole email episode involving Hillary Clinton’s handling of email communication while Secretary of State. After months of hearing about an FBI investigation, suddenly the FBI director appeared in a televised press conference, giving an extensive statement about findings and conclusions. The extended statement about the findings made it clear that Clinton had done a lot wrong, and by wrong, that includes severely illegal under federal law related to the handling of classified information. Of course, he then continued on to make statements about “intent”, and “carelessness”, and eventually wound around to saying that “no reasonable proscecutor” would choose to bring charges. This set things up, following the earlier statement of Attorney General Loretta Lynch that she would “accept the FBI recommendations”, for her to then declare that, unsurprisingly, she “accepted” the FBI statement, and there would be no charges.

Hillary Clinton’s Email Operation Violated At Least Six Criminal Laws

It is important to emphasize that, according to people reviewing the actual laws involved, that there is absolutely nothing about “intent” being involved to be a violation of the laws.

There is more than the matter of mishandling of classified information and all that goes with that. There is also the question, of intent, in terms of why Clinton followed the course she did in the email matter, which seems to just about any reasonable and rational human being, looking at it honestly, to be all about hiding communications from public scrutiny.

Just that saga alone makes it just beyond belief that anybody could think that Hillary Clinton is a good candidate to be President, never mind actually being President. It’s unfathomable how anybody could possibly think that Donald Trump should be President.

Despite all this, somehow, in the lunacy that is American politics and governance circa 2016, large numbers of people are completely caught up in the notion that, at this point, there simply is no other choice than to have one of these two B-movie monsters, unable to see anything else, or, eventually, increasingly unable to even grasp reality in any rational way, as they go through all kinds of mental contortions trying to justify having one of them elected.




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