2015.03.25 changing weather

The calendar says “Spring”! It’s officially here as the equinox passes by, and it’s trying to come into the scene around here, albeit in a place where it usually seems like winter on and off for a while even as the calendar officially says “Spring”.

God knows I like to use a metaphor and work it a bit, and all this brings that into play for me. The way that Spring, in my part of the world, sometimes struggles to get going, and Winter still hangs on for quite a while in some years, seems to be food for thought. There’s some kind of similarity or relationship between that kind of slow awkward start to Spring and other things that are not about weather, but involve some sort of changing circumstances. The thawing of Winter and shift into the changes of the Spring season isn’t some simple switch flip, no matter how simplistic people might be about it, and what they think ought to be happening, or would like to believe is happening. What actually does happen is what’s happening. It’s that simple, however complicated the actual events and circumstances might be.

As tedious as it is to keep being distracted by matters of politics and governance, and all the problems and complications, the stuff keeps coming, compounded and aggravated by the noise and nonsense that passes for news and public “discourse”.

Over the past week or so, what came along as news just brought more crazy. Glancing at a newspaper one day revealed that the top headline story, right there on the front page, top, right hand column, was some ridiculous and pointless “top news” story about the non-disappearance of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That was odd enough, begging obvious questions about why such a complete non-story would be presented as a news story at all, never mind appearing in newspapers in the traditional position for the very top priority news story of the day. Along with that came the quieter news that the President of the United States had issued an Executive Order declaring that the United States of America is in a state of national emergency due to the extraordinary threat to national security presented by the nation of Venezuela.

Seriously. This isn’t a joke.

Evidently, this item of officialdom gone mad really revolves around being some kind of base formality justification as a first step to then declare “economic sanctions”. But, then, it appears to not actually be sanctions against Venezuela, but specifically aimed at a list of specific people who are, apparently, deemed to be people in important positions who somehow present some sort of case of special misbehavior in the form of failing in some way or another to conform to orders from Washington about how to govern their own country.

Venezuela, the Latest ‘National Security Threat’ » CounterPunch

In Venezuela, Who’s Threatening Whom? | Consortiumnews

SteveLendmanBlog: Obama Declares Venezuelan Democracy a Threat to US National Security

U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat, sanctions top officials | Reuters

And that’s just adding to the pile at this point, like the neocon lunatics determination to go attack Iran.

A Neocon Admits the Plan to Bomb Iran | Consortiumnews


This, of course, is added to the pile of megalomania that has included, for a while now, the horror show in eastern Europe in Ukraine.

A Family Business of Perpetual War | Consortiumnews

Can the Ukrainian Government Target Americans in the US? Washington’s Blog

This Is Outrageous—–Washington To Guarantee More Ukrainian Debt So Kiev Can Fund Its Bloody Civil War | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

SteveLendmanBlog: Biden Congratulates Poroshenko for Violating Minsk

Ukraine’s Poison Pill for Peace Talks | Consortiumnews

Crimeans Keep Saying No to Ukraine | Consortiumnews

If the U.S. Sends Weapons to Ukraine, “the EU Will Break Up … and the American Century Will Have Ended In Shame, Disgrace and Defeat” Washington’s Blog

US House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine, Russia Warns Lethal Aid Will “Explode The Whole Situation” | Zero Hedge

“American Politicians are Fools”: Getting Russia Wrong All The Way To War | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Anybody keeping up with events should already have a pretty good general sense of the picture of what has been happening in events in eastern Europe for a little over a year or so now. The batch of links above are just a sampling of the news, but, of course, part of the ugly story is the unfortunate fact that it’s still evident that the general consensus among the general American public involves ideas formed by being either uninformed or, worse, badly misinformed by people in positions of power and authority and trust simply lying to them, blatantly and repeatedly.

That, unfortunately, leads straight on to something else.

I was watching something I found something over the past couple of days. I had passed along online a link pointer to an essay by Tom Englehardt.

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Is a New Political System Emerging in This Country? | TomDispatch

He pretty clearly summarizes a lot in the clear light of day about the overall situation here in the United States of America. Something I thought was interesting beyond that was that I noticed other people passing along links online to the very same essay published on other websites. This is a good sign, as that essay being reproduced in a few places, and people passing it along to the attention of others, shows that more people are becoming a little more aware and awake about what we actually have now. To emphasize the point, we’re talking about what we actually have now, not the showbiz theatrics of what we’re all supposed to pretend, and what people tell the rest of the world.

That, however, gets us right back to a recurring problem, though, one that has ended up being an ongoing theme here. By chance, a little earlier in some online reading I came across a recent note from the pseudononymous “Bill Hicks” on his blog The Dpwnward Spiral, which mentioned the Englehardt piece as part of this particular issue. That, in general, is that, for a goveenmental system of a democratic republic to work properly, it requires an attentive and well informed citizenry. We don’t have that, judging from all available evidence and observations.

The Downward Spiral: The Continued Liberal Reluctance to Point the Finger of Blame Where it Really Belongs

As should be obvious from the great many stories linked in this note and many previous notes, it’s barely possible to keep up with keeping track of the international lunacy radiating from Washington. Now, we also have a fresh batch of trouble in Yemen, with, apparently, the US backing Saudi Arabia as the Saudis begin an invasion and attacks in Yemen, inserting more war drama into what is evidently one hell of a mess there.

Read the following, where Justin Raimondo attempts to sort out the messy back story in that situation.

Leave the Houthis Alone! by Justin Raimondo — Antiwar.com

It really seems nearly impossible to keep track of the twisted knots of Washington neocon meddling in the middle east region of the world, never mind all the repercussions that follow. Meanwhile, the horror show of events in Ukraine and the international geopolitical lunacy still continues, stemming from another crazy plan from the neocon cult to grab control of a national government elsewhere in the world and get themselves a puppet government under their control, with this madness, in this case, trying hard to start World War III by threatening the Russians, and all the while, it seems apparent that many Americans have vague notions about the situation that are almost entirely contradictory to the actual situation.

It’s no wonder so many Americans can’t even begin to get a grip on what our government has going, in an endless list of troubles and dramas around the world. On the other hand, even while most Americans seem to be lost in a sea of lying and various forms of distorted bad information about the world, it seems more evident as time passes that much of the rest of the world is developing a view of Washington “foreign policy” and the US in general that is not only much different from what most Americans seem to think is happening, but views Washington, and the rest of us in general as a nation, as worsening trouble, a nation of increasingly dangerous lunatics.

William Pfaff: European Allies Are Declaring Their Independence from Irresponsible U.S. – Truthdig

Why the Western Alliance Is Ending Washington’s Blog

Regime Change: America’s Failing Weapon Of International Deception | Zero Hedge

I should mention that as I often do, I’m writing this note in little bits and pieces, taking short bits of time spread over a few days in between other things (often while waiting… which is another subject). I had dropped in the links just above these words, to address a bit more when I got to it, and this was before the most recent item thrown on to the pile of international drama connected to Washington in some way, this being the new war being started in Yemen.



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