2014.12.15 quo vadis?

I feel a tad silly and awkward using a Latin phrase, not really knowing Latin, aside from the few obvious bits that work itself into the communications of English speakers. Sometimes, they just work. I’m borrowing the phrase quo vadis from a good entry on the Automatic Earth website that’s first on today’s recommended reading.

Quo vadis? English: where are you going?

But, then, sometimes I think the first question for many people is, seriously- do you know where you are?

This actually comes up a little too often in my mind these days, and it comes in a knot all tangled up with the annoying problem of the fact that it seems almost impossible to address any topic without the circus of politics getting into the mix. Damned near anything gets turned into a political subject, regardless of whether politics has any reason to be involved, in subjects that really are not political. That came up very recently as even the subject of the state of things in the general subject of “the economy” ran smack into severe problems based in people unable to look at anything as it is without the distortions and filtering that come from beginning everything from some entrenched set of beliefs of “political position”. I addressed this topic and what happens with people in how they view the economic circumstances, as I mentioned in a previous note, and directed attention to a link to that, but, as of right now, there’s no sign that the people who ought to have been interested have even looked at it, given it any attention and thought at all.

In the flurry of comments in the tiny little comment boxes on Facebook that I mentioned, part of what was kind of disturbing was not the obnoxious noise from one particular character, whose response to the apparently outrageous suggestion that Obama has not “fixed the economy” effectively amounted to “oh yeah! sez you!“, leaving me wondering when the next comment would tell me that I’m a big poopy face. It came from the one guy who at least tried to be a voice of reason, and yet fell into the same deep ruts that suck people in these days.

One comment in particular directed my way said, paraphrasing from memory, that surely, I must admit that at least Obama had put a stop to further damage to the economy (in the “Financial Crisis” that supposedly ended) done by misbehavior of the banksters. That was enough to have made me do a classic spit-take and spray my computer monitor and keyboard if I had happened to have a mouthful of some drink in my mouth at the time. I certainly do not have to admit such a thing, because the idea is complete nonsense, pure fiction, but one that has been successfully planted in the minds of many people, saturated with theatrical performances that distract most people from actual events of reality.

The extra twists in this, inevitably, come from the reality warp of politics, as, in the bipolar political disorder malady, the club of people who wear labels of Obama supporter like to believe the illusory notions of “Obama reforming finance and banking and saving us from the Financial Crisis and getting America on the road to Economic Recovery”, while the “opposing side” takes the same general fictions and propagate it but use the same theatrical pretense to squawk about all this as being evidence of “Obama the Leftist Radical socialist commie who hates business and wants to destroy free enterprise and entrepreneurship and prosperity with his Big Gummint regulation” and all that nonsense. In the crazed games playing on and reinforcing the simplistic false duality I’ve been calling bipolar political disorder, the same distortions, fiction, and pretense about what the current president has, supposedly, done in the realm of banking and finance supports the pretense and delusions of both “sides”, with the “side” chosen being the determining factor about whether it’s about Obama the Evil Villain or Obama the Good Guy Hero.

I think it’s interesting, a sign of a clue peeking through the fog and noise, that as all the chatter and melodrama plays out as theater about the recent spending bill for the finances of the federal government grabs attention. Part of that was the revelation that tucked into this was a little addition completely irrelevant to the business at hand, apparently to disable part of the supposed “financial reform” of the Dodd-Frank legislation that, at least in theory, became law, including taking away some token restrictions and rules concerning the clusterfuck contrivances of “financial derivatives”. President Obama immediately made an appearance to effectively say that, darn the luck, he didn’t like all that stuff Congress put in there, but the people want us to govern and make things work, so we just have to settle for something less than perfect, because, gosh, that’s just how democracy works. In this case, how democracy works is more about “democracy” in quotation marks as a euphemism for a process where Wall Street lawyers write legal text about something irrelevant to the business at hand to insert into a piece of congressional business necessary to make the government function. Oh, well, then.

Never mind that there’s another way to deal with this.

One thing that should get some conscious attention is that if we look at how members of Congress voted on this farce, you’ll find that people with a mix of either D or R next to their names voted against it, while a mix of people with R or D by their names voted for this abomination of malfunctioning and corrupt governance, in “bipartisanship”. The obvious item here is that it isn’t all about the bipolar games we’re constantly sold.

What should be getting huge attention, in the American news, in news all around the world, and especially among the American citizenry, is another item that quietly slid through Congress, that is astonishing, just plain horrifying, absolutely outrageous news.

Just In: See How Your Representative Voted on Bill for Obama to Send Weapons to Ukraine

U.S. Congress Now Virtually 100% All-In on Ukraine’s War Against Russia; Americans Are at Least 67% Opposed

Passively soak in what gets shoveled out at us for “news”, and you probably won’t know anything about this, at all. It’s completely ignored, even as our own representatives (supposedly representing us, anyway), vote to keep marching toward World War III, which is bad enough as it is, but with the extra obscenity of working determinedly to start World War III, with us, the United States, the bad guys starting it. When I say “us”, of course, one key point is that it has nothing to do with us, the people of the United States. Very few of “us” even know about it, and what people think they do know is complete nonsense and mostly pure fiction, about “Russian aggression” and so on.

Even when you dig and find something like actual news reporting what is going on in that running drama, you can find descriptions like talking about “Ukraine’s war with Russia”, which still isn’t really what’s happening. What is, and has been happening, is a civil war of the new Ukrainian government, that took power by overthrowing an elected president early this year by coup d’etat, attacking, relentlessly, the people in eastern Ukraine who rejected this new gang taking control by force, and who also happen to be mostly Russian-Ukrainians, Ukrainian citizens by shifts of geography, but culturally Russians.

Now, we, the citizen taxpayers of the United States of America, are going to help support and arm a coup government that overthrew an elected president, a gang that includes real live actual literal honest to god Nazis (not being hyperbolic here… been over this), in their quest to attack people in their own country who don’t accept this new gang and their coup/junta.

[In case you’ve missed this before… All the while, we’re being told that this is actually about “Russian aggression”, that the Russian military being in Crimea was an invasion, when they’ve been there all along, associated with the Black Sea naval base where the Russian navy has been for a couple of centuries, where they’ve been since the dissolution of the Soviet Union with an agreement with the Ukraine government, including allowances for a number of military personnel that by all reports was never exceeded during the drama this year, including frantic barking about this “invasion”.]

Incidentally, just as a reminder; when was the last time you heard anything in the news about the investigation of the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17? Let’s say it’s interesting that we haven’t been hearing anything about that, including the exclusion of the Malaysian government from the investigation, or information that leads to conclusions that the actual cause was air-to-air weaponry fired from a Ukrainian military warplane. Once the meme was planted in public attention that this was a dastardly horror committed by the “pro-Russian rebel separatists” (the people under attack mentioned earlier), and by association, adamant accusations that this was clearly the doing of the Russians, why, Vladimir Putin himself killed these people!… it went away.

The banging of war drums among the neocon cult affects all of the national government, it would appear, judging from the votes in both chambers of Congress, with the Senate voting unanimously for the resolution that’s a major step toward the United States starting World War III, directing this toward a nation that, as far as I can tell, has not actually done anything wrong on the international scene, other than evidently committing the terrible crime of looking like an impediment to total domination of world affairs by the neocon cult that has control of our country.

Even more bizarre is how quietly it has been slipped past everybody, while other things are pumped up to get and keep everyone’s attention.


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Just In: See How Your Representative Voted on Bill for Obama to Send Weapons to Ukraine

U.S. Congress Now Virtually 100% All-In on Ukraine’s War Against Russia; Americans Are at Least 67% Opposed

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