2014.12.05 REALLY?

Oh boy. After a while, some things get really stale. Obviously (if you’re a previous reader here), you know about that including just trying to get some things across to somebody besides the people who already know about it.

The Ukraine situation, particularly the international absurdity surrounding it, carries on in much the same course of events as far as I can tell, with the broader picture, the whole international thing, looking like it’s still mostly the same, in terms of what people think has happened, and is happening. That is to say, it looks like the average American still holds the notions planted in their heads, that are almost entirely nonsense and fiction, a whole false alternate reality. This wouldn’t be something that would be likely to get my attention, normally, the whole Ukraine episode, considering that there’s always some kind of trouble somewhere in the world in some country with a corrupt and dysfunctional government. This does, as it should get the attention of all of us here in the US, as in this case, our own dysfunctional and corrupt government got involved in the trouble in a country thousands of miles away, and made things worse, and, on top of it all, is lying incessantly about it, and potentially causing much worse trouble on a much larger scale.

It became truly, epically, staggering when reading the news that the House of Representatives had voted by around a 98% majority to start supplying weapons to the coup government infested with Nazis (in case you’ve missed what has been happening, “Nazis” is literal, it’s not hyperbole), to help them try to wipe out the people in the eastern regions of Ukraine, largely Russian-Ukrainians, who refused to accept the overthrow of the president they had voted for and the seizure of the Ukrainian national government by characters who largely want to wipe them out, either kill them or force them to flee into Russia as refugees.

This is just obscene.

In every way.

I’ve written loads about the Ukrainian farce before, of course, so I’m not doing another full review, and I hope that readers know the general story.

Generally, it’s not hard to see, for anybody paying attention to the wider world and not just swallowing what’s fed to us via officialdom and the rotted showbiz operations we get as “news media”, to get the broadest picture, which can be summed up pretty simply in most general form as being about the neocon cult of lunatics in Washington being determined to rule the world, and, in this case, the goals seem to be about making sure every other nation in the world gets the message “we rule the world, you’d better know who’s boss!”, in this case directed at Russia.

It has been pointed out by people who know the region that, completely separate from the narratives about “freedom and democracy in Ukraine” that people are sold, politics and government in Ukraine is just a matter of which oligarchs and gangsters are in control, and characters in power in Washington just took advantage of some squabbling to overthrow an elected president who favored relations with Russia that reflected the long intertwined relationships between Ukraine and Russia, and install a puppet government who would separate from Russian relations and become obedient servants of the Washington neocons, to isolate Russia and line the European borders of Russia with EU/NATO nations. The supposed “Russian aggression” and “Russian invasion and seizure of Crimea” actually revolved around a Russian naval base in Crimea on the Black Sea coast where the Russian navy has been for a couple centuries, in Crimea, a place that was part of Russia until Soviet political games 60 years ago made in part of Ukraine, where it was still a semi-autonomous region, and when the coup in Kiev took over the Ukrainian national government, the Crimean parliament, and then an actual act of democratic self-determination saw a vote of the people in Crimea voting in favor of rejecting that coup/junta gang and formally asking to be part of Russia again, something like 9 out of 10 voters choosing this, in a massive voter turnout.

Part of the mendacious madness of this congressional resolution is the absurd demand directed at another nation, Russia, to get out of Crimea, when Crimea is now once again part of Russia, because the people in Crimea wanted that, pretty much demanded it. Just that, alone, is astonishing, just absurd, completely egregious, especially when lined up with all the faux-righteousness coming from Washington about “the right to self-determination” of a people.

Among all the things to see and understand about the farce, this outright horror show, is just considering the vote itself. A 98% majority, all but 10 members of the House, voted for this abomination, in a collection of characters where otherwise it seems like they can never arrive at a consensus about anything they should be doing (or not doing). Now, in this, suddenly we have an overwhelming majority vote in what some people probably regard as a grand wonderful show of “bipartisanship”, which, tragically, serves as pretty solid evidence for arguing that the Congress, or the bipolar madness of current national American politics in general, only manages what they call “bipartisan agreement” when it comes to something seriously wrong, a really fucking bad idea, possibly based on gross lies.

But that’s not all.

There was another vote, just recently, related to the same international drama revolving around a regional political drama. This one happened in the United Nations General Assembly.

You can look at the record of the actual vote, and you can go read (in your choice of languages) the actual resolution.

The general gist of the resolution seems straightforward and proper enough, a resolution condemning Nazism and neo-Nazi activities, Holocaust denial, all that kind of madness. Only three nations voted against the resolution. Who were they?

Ukraine, United States of America, and Canada.


It would be obvious for people to look at this and be puzzled and just plain startled, thinking “what’s the deal here?”, and the explanation isn’t actually all that hard to figure out and understand, if you have some idea of what has been, and is, happening.

The Ukrainian delegate voted No because the Ukrainian government now has in power, for the first time in a European nation since World War II, actual Nazis.

The US delgate voted No because the US government objected, because, very simply, the resolution would offend the Nazis in Ukraine, the bunch that the US government helped grab power in Ukraine, and are still supported by the US government, now including the new House resolution mentioned earlier.

The Canadian vote, as far as I can guess, a conclusion reached by other people, seems to be explained, most likely, by current Canadian Prime Minister Harper patronizing the US government dominated by the megalomaniac neocons, wanting to curry favor.

How is this not completely outrageous to every American citizen, and, for that matter, every Canadian?

Well, the first question might be, how many people even know about any of it?


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