2014.11.16 orienteering

No, I’m not going to write about mapreading and navigation, but that kind of works as a metaphor.

In the last day or two I was reminded of a problem, with the reminder coming in an online item I mentioned in a social media setting, started by somebody wondering what, exactly Russian leader Vlad Putin might be up to. If you read my last note you got just a small portion of a glimpse in the problems involved in that question. The problems are not so much that this question might have a complicated answer, but that the entire subject is obscured by a continuous storm of confusion, misdirections and distractions, and just plain outright lying from people we count on to tell us the truth about things that matter.

This is a pretty serious problem.

This helps explain why we can have situations like, to name just one, the horror show that continues to play out in Ukraine, with the staggering absurdity of what so many people think they know about that, and Russia, and the current leader of the Russian government, with all the latter parts being part of the narratives despite the evident reality that Putin and the Russian government seem to be doing their best to not get dragged into the mess somebody else started.


If you’ll forgive me for a short digression, I’m taking a few seconds to add some more here as, in another window, I wait for another episode of inexplicable malfunction between a popular website, the Mozilla Firefox browser, or maybe a combination of inexplicable stupid failure between both. I have no idea.

This might seem like a completely irrelevant tangent, but it really isn’t. This kind of thing is just another facet of what seems more and more evident as an overall problem, in this case, ridiculous major malfunctions in supposedly wonderful advanced technology, while people just ignore it or shrug it off, even as people like to rattle on about the latest and supposedly greatest new gizmos, that don’t hold up well to any serious scrutiny about how great they are, or whether they’re even good, or even acceptable and functioning in some minimal manner.

People manage to avoid the most basic things sometimes, dancing around in denial and avoidance and false-happy pretense to keep from facing some instance or another of “this doesn’t fucking work” or “this is junk, rubbish, just useless garbage!”.


The person who posted the social media note wondering about Putin responded to my pointing out of a link I had posted, on my page, about the neo-Nazi faction in Ukraine’s coup government seeking, and getting, more support from the US government, by saying that they saw it, but then said, “I didn’t know if it was true”. This larger story there, the neo-Nazi fascist culture in Ukraine, involved in the coup/junta/putsch, and attacking people in eastern Ukraine, is not a new story, and one that’s been well documented.

The same person responded to something else, some time ago, by saying more or less the same thing. Basically, they seem to look at anything they hear or read as just competing narratives of lying.

It seems apparent that a lot of people have become so accustomed to people in positions of importance and authority lying about everything that they have that response, a non-response, really. They assume that everything is just some tussle of competing lies or something.

The horror show of Ukraine continues to be portrayed as something much different than it is, with the narrative coming from the State Department and White House and assorted characters in US national politics, dutifully relayed by a completely corrupt and incompetent “news media” that still pretends to be a functioning free press in a free country, and that’s all most people know, which to say, in simplest terms, they don’t know what’s going on.


The delusional and grossly dishonest chatter about everything that’s collectively tossed into a pile and referred to by the broad term of “the economy” just goes on and on. The recent big news in the realm of politics and government, obviously, was the change in the composition of Congress, shifting the numbers of Brand R and Brand D.

I’ve mentioned seeing a glimpse of a text banner on screen on Fox News passing through, saying something like “VOTERS REJECT DEM’S IDEOLOGY”, which is typical Fox News. This is ridiculous, and another diversion.

I don’t think the voting went the way it did because of anything about anybody’s ideology. “Ideology” is a pretty problematic term these days, anyway. It isn’t as if there was some wave of embracing the Brand R gang, a political party that long ago became so corrupt and idiotic, and arguably even evil, that it’s almost impossible to understand how anybody with any sense could vote for any member of it, ever again.

So, you might ask? What explains this? I think it’s simple. The present Democratic party is just that fucking bad. What we saw was a simple thrashing around of people pretending we have a functioning democracy, and doing what they’re allowed to do- flip a switch from D to R… to D… to R… to D… over and over, every two years, just fed up, wanting the current farce to change, but not being able to do anything else.

So, here we are. Among other things, Obama continues to ridiculously flog the dead horse of some delusional “economic recovery”, seemingly oblivious to the problem that the more he sticks with this nonsense and avoids telling the truth about anything, the more disgusted people get, and any remaining trust and credibility is ravaged.

The Republican party actors and their minions jump all over anything they see as an opportunity to say “Obama and Dems and their ideology is a failure”, hoping nobody notices that the main failure of the above group pretty much essentially consists of being Brand R in Brand D costumes. I’m thinking here about what it would take to do a summary of Brand R in matters economic, and realizing that it’s just not even worth the time and effort to try to analyze the words and actions of that batch of crooks and fools.

Anyway, since then, now what are we hearing in the news? What is the biggest urgent item on the agenda of governance? Reports that “immigration reform” is now the big top issue, with reports that President Obama is expected to take action of “immigration reform”, whatever that might be, using executive orders as head of the executive branch of the federal government, presumably, and naturally, Brand R players will howl with indignation, and off they’ll all go. The general American public will be instructed to file themselves under The Right or The Left or Liberals or Conservatives (whatever those mean anymore) or Brand R or Brand D loyalists, be told what to think about “immigration reform”, and then, right, everybody go! Start barking and squabbling!

Pay no attention to anything else.

Pay no attention to those men behind the curtain.

I’m looking at a recurring dilemma here, the difficulty of not wanting to waste time talking about the dysfunction of politics, but because of this, it’s necessary to talk about politics, to shine a light on the time and attention wasting dysfunction. People continue to be tangled up in what I’ve been calling bipolar political disorder, pushed into pens labeled Left and Right and Liberal and Conservative and Brand D and Brand R, and what they’re told to think about everything according to lists of what supposedly goes with those.

Here I am, next, repeating something I’ve been talking about for a while, which is the way that assessing the actual reality of Barack Obama as president is nearly impossible. The reality is swept aside by competing bunches of squabbling alternate reality nonsense, between the Brand R reality warp of the usual noise about Obama as secret Kenyan Muslim communist coming to take our guns and tax us into the dirt to give Free Stuff to communist bums and blah blah blah, and Brand D loyalists maintaining a different alternate reality set of nonsense of Obama being “our guy”, and Nobel Peace Prize winning Liberal Progressive champion of the people doing this, that, and the other thing, despite the Brand R obstructionists.

I bring that up again, because it just keeps happening.

Name any subject in governance, and Brand R squawks about Obama the Terrible destroying America and Our Freedoms and Brand D crows about Obama Our Hero and great achievements and ambitions, neither of them very well aligned with reality, and you can’t get any light and fresh air and clarity through to either camp. That is a generalization, of course. There are exceptions sometimes, but the sad twist is that all too often something only gets through if it apparently supports somebody’s existing notions of them and their side being on the side of righteous goodness and appears to show “the Other Side” as the misbehaving servants of evil and madness.

So, because of all this, here we are, much like I’m finding myself doing right now; addressing the ways any subject gets scrambled, distorted, and confused, or simply ignored, rather than the subjects themselves.

Pay no attention to those men behind the curtain, America! Line up neatly on two sides, and argue about these things, just like this! Don’t worry, we’ll keep feeding you instructions!


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