2014.11.03 all the news that’s not

Almost as soon as I posted the last note, I came across a news item, another one of these things of a kind that’s getting a little too frequent; that is, it’s astonishing and simultaneously not at all surprising.

The item was a story on the NBC News website, U.S. Slams ‘Sham’ Ukraine Vote With Warning to Russia. Of course. This was under a page heading reading “UKRAINE CRISIS”, the top story of a stack in a strange page formatting that the NBC site does now, where stories are strung together in one long page broken into sections. Below that, the subtitling of the page reads:


Ongoing coverage of the confrontation between Russia, Vladimir Putin and the West over Russia’s aggression in Crimea and Ukraine.

The problem is obvious to people who have been following this saga. There certainly is confrontation, and it’s not about “Russian aggression”. For that matter, it seems like the Russians have been very steady and restrained about the trouble that broke out in the country next door, a place with a long history with Russia (once part of Russia), where a significant portion of the people essentially are Russian, with Ukrainian citizenship. At least, that was the case until the US backed coup d’etat that overthrew an elected president, replacing the government with a gang of oligarchs, and neo-nazi characters who, among other things, hate Russians (and apparently pretty much anybody not just like them).

I think this pretty much nails the coffin shut in terms of any remaining trust and credibility for NBC news, for me, joining a collection of supposed “news” operations that have become, to use terms I’ve been using for a while, pseudo-news infotainment media. They have become worse than useless. By that, I mean something very simple. They make people who trust them some much worse than ignorant, which is to be misinformed. At least in ignorance, you have an understanding that you don’t know, and have a beginning. Much worse to think you know, and be carrying around nonsense, confusion, and outright lying that you’ve absorbed.

After reading the link to that NBC page, for a little more light on the topic of Ukraine and elections, go and read these:

Washington’s Blinding Hypocrisy: A Tale Of Two Elections In The Ukraine

Ukraine’s Elections: Stabilization Through Eradication


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