2014.09.19 Friday news fun

The events and noise around them swirl. The news of the morning of this day includes the news from early morning in the land of what was called Greenwich Mean Time, as the UK assessed the vote in Scotland for independence from the United Kingdom. The news was that the Scottish voted no, and will continue to be referred to as “British”.

The CNBC phantasmagoria reveals that it’s looking like another “new lap record!” kind of day. The magic number people call “the Dow” is up to a larger number than ever for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (which ceased to have much relation to industry some time ago). Few people could probably explain what that number means, reminding me again of the absurdity of the supercomputer in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy and its spitting out an “answer” of “42”, which only puzzles people.

What’s the mid-day “BREAKING NEWS” on CNN? I took a look quickly.

A press conference with the head executive manager of the NFL! Oh! There’s more! The White House has weighed in and said that the NFL must “get a handle” on NFL football player bad behavior! The CNN talking head on duty will make news noises by filling a program segment until the next batch of selling shit, by having random guests sit and yap pointlessly about that controversy. To borrow a line from a Shakespeare play- “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing“.

One thing that’s a little curious is that yesterday’s (Thursday September 18) speech before a joint session of Congress from Ukrainian oligarch President Poroshenko seems mostly ignored, in the world of TV infotainment news.

As expected (or at least I figure it was expected by anybody paying attention to has really been going on regarding Ukraine), there was lots of rhetorical posturing, that included asking the assembled Congressional critters for military support, to “help keep the peace”. That clashed badly with the reality that keeping the peace in Ukraine would simply require that Poroshenko’s coup/junta/putsch puppet government in Kiev stop sending the Ukrainian military and paramilitary neo-Nazis militias to attack the Russian-Ukrainians in the east who refused to accept the US backed coup government.

That whole circus of insanity and constant raw blatant lying nudges recall of Orwell’s 1984 and “we’ve always been at war with Eastasia!“, in the sense of playing twisted games where reality is quietly shoved aside, and replaced with some alternate-reality (i.e., just FALSE) narrative that fits some game, while most of the public seem completely unaware of the actual story and the fact that they’re being fed nonsense and blatant lying.

Switching for a moment to MSNBC, I caught a burst of the running show of “ISIS! Terror Threat!” and new war, that’s not really officially a war, supposedly, and politicians dance around avoiding taking responsibility and squelching the lunacy.

There, some unknown character, filling the cable news role of “fill time by talking out your ass for 10 minutes”, was saying something about “… the Evil Assad Regime in Syria…”, apparently indicating that you’re expected to not say “Assad” or “Assad regime”, but the expected convention now is to always preface it, “Evil Assad”, or “Evil Assad Regime”. Understand, to be clear about this, I’m not making any arguments or suggestions about Assad and his supposed status as either a Good Guy or Bad Guy, but the simple fact that this is the government and leadership of government of a country on the other side of the world, with the automatic neocon cult assumption that everything everywhere should be under their control.

The principle that the business of the United States government is governing the United States of America is just lost, swept aside.

A quick check of Fox News revealed idiots babbling that weak radical Leftist Obama and Democrats are destroying America. Check. Business as usual from Fox.

All over, the war that’s not really a war but “measured action” or whatever bullshit euphemisms and platitudes are belched out dominates the noise, but among other things, the ugly reality of how so much came to be is ignored.

How the US Helped Create Al Qaeda and ISIS

I’ve mentioned the staggering absurdity and contradictions of the “ISIS/ISIL/IS” saga, and in a bit of web reading, found one bit of phrasing that neatly captured that, as somebody described it as Republicans and Democrats uniting to support fighting the same people who we armed, last year, to go fight our perceived enemy last year.

It really is just too bizarre to believe. The evil ISIS/ISIL/IS apparently came into the scene by US neocon support by supposed virtue of being a “Syrian rebel group” that could be used to overthrow the Evil Assad Regime (because the neocons do not approve of the leader of government in a country 10000 miles away), one of a bunch of different “Syrian rebel groups” warring with Assad and the Syrian military and each other. That didn’t work out well, apparently baffling and outraging the Washington neocons by their failure to follow the plan, and now the plan is to support, arm, and train a different “Syrian rebel group” (but a carefully vetted “moderate rebels” group) to fight the ISIS gang, while, in the meantime, working on that whole “regime change” in Syria project.

That farce reminds me of the Monty Python movie Life of Brian, with the subplot of the ongoing squabble between the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea (who bark indignantly at people confusing them that they’re completely different from that other group). This stuff would be funny if it were not terribly real, with death and destruction as a result.

Peeking again at TV news for a minute revealed that across many networks, everybody was waiting on the edge of their seat for… I’m not kidding here… a news conference from the head of the NFL addressing their “scandal” of various football players behaving badly (or allegedly behaving badly), with that somehow being the NFL is supposed to manage in appropriate PR show manner. This is what gets big attention.

It’s interesting to note the “bipartisan” absurdity mentioned a few paragraphs up in comparison with something very different. In the political circus, former congressman Dennis Kucinich is probably regarded (and dismissed) as a whacky radical of the Far Left kind, while former congressman Ron Paul and his son, and current senator, Rand Paul, are regarded (and dismissed) as whacky radical Far Right. What’s interesting to note is that all three of these men, regarded by some people as contrary opposites of “radical”, plainly state the truth and apply some sane reasoning about the bizarre worldwide meddling and manipulation in everything everywhere by the US government neocon cult, and all dare to suggest the same “radical” notion that the business of the United States government is to be concerned with the United States, not ruling the world (especially when that keeps resulting in hellish messes, and, by the way, rapidly bankrupting the government).

Those people, and anyone expressing similar thoughts, are dismissed or even derided as “isolationist”, a bad thing because this means that the United States would be neglecting its responsibilities to rule the world as “the world’s sole superpower”, and that means bad things happening. Never mind the actual reality of the games of playing Empire, seemingly either creating hellish messes, or making existing messes worse (and the combinations of the two).

The evening news rolled around, and what was the lead story of the evening newscasts of the three commercial broadcast networks that do evening news broadcasts? The NFL commissioner press conference yapping about the “controversy” of how the NFL does or does not handle football player bad personal behavior. That was the big important lead story, on CBS, ABC, and NBC.

Missing from the news served up in the infotainment, despite all the nonsense and raw lying about the supposed “Russian threat” and “Russian aggression in Ukraine threatening Europe and the whole world” narratives, quietly buried in all that, was the actual reality of Vladimir Putin, as head of the Russian government, rejecting (as has apparently been the case all along) the idea of the Russian-Ukrainian separatists in eastern Ukraine to make their home region part of Russia, as those people reject the new coup Ukrainian national government that took power in Kiev, the gang that explicitly wants to wipe them out.

Russia’s Leader Putin Rejects Ukrainian Separatists’ Aim to Become Part of Russia

Buried in an online story on the ABC News website, coming from the Associated Press, was this passing item:

But Purgin insisted that the rebel leadership would settle only on full independence from Ukraine.

“We are unable to join the Russian Federation directly, so we will build our own country,” he said.

The narrative we’re being fed relentlessly is that Russia supposedly wants to take eastern Ukraine, all the rest of Ukraine, all the former Soviet republics, all of the former Eastern Bloc countries, the rest of Europe, the entire fucking world. The actual truth is very clearly evidently much different. As I’ve pointed out constantly, the actual story is partially summed up in the article I just linked above, in this:

Russia’s Government has thus made clear that it is not seeking to add to its territory. While Russia has accepted the approximately million refugees who have fled to Russia from Ukraine’s civil war, Russia does not want any part of Ukraine’s territory. Crimea was traditionally part of Russia, throughout the period 1783-1954, until the leader of the Soviet Union gifted Crimea to Ukraine (the nation that was called the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) in 1954, but the residents of Crimea never accepted that, and they overwhelmingly considered themselves still to be Russians. Furthermore, the Russian Navy’s lease on the Crimean port of Sebastopol for its Black Sea Fleet extended till 2042, and the February 2014 coup-installed Ukrainian Government wanted to cancel it, which threatened crucial Russian national defense. Furthermore, many of those new Ukrainian leaders wanted a nuclear war against Russia. So, Putin accepted Crimea back into Russia, but he will not admit more than that as being added to Russian territory.

Crimea is viewed as not being an addition to Russia, but instead as voluntarily rejoining Russia, irrespective of the new Ukrainian Government’s campaign to eliminate ethnic Russians from Ukraine’s southeast. No other part of post-1954 Ukraine had previously been part of Russia, and this includes the southeastern portion of Ukraine, whose residents ethnically descended from Russian immigrants who had settled there.

You are not likely to be hearing this from John Kerry, or any State Department media performances, or Obama, or John McCain, or any of the neocon megalomaniacs.

There was an item I came across some weeks ago that’s worth mentioning, even though it has to be regarded as hearsay. It was a reader comment on some webpage I can’t recall exactly, from somebody completely unknown to me (so I have no idea how credible it was). I have a hunch that it probably is credible.

The commenter said that their work involved some kind of counseling of recently discharged military people to help them readjust to civilian life. What they said was profound. That was that the overall pervasive feeling among the people he dealt with was anger. They were angry, feeling used, or more accurately, feeling misused, abused, as in feeling like they had signed up for military service with notions of what it was about, and finding that it was actually something very different, that it had little or nothing to do with protecting and defending their country, that they were lied to. The writer continued in saying that the former military people he was dealing with were very well informed. They, he said, knew what was up, and it didn’t sit well with them at all.

It makes a guy wonder how that will play itself out, and how they might view dismissals of the people mentioned above as whacky radical political freaks because they at least try to operate in the realm of reason and reality.

Recall the story I mentioned a few weeks ago. That was the story of a former British Army officer, a Captain commanding a large chunk of British Army troops in the former Yugoslavia around 20 years ago as that place blew apart, being commanded by former US Army General and top NATO commander Wesley Clark to go “overwhelm and overtake” (comanding to attack while avoiding saying so explicitly) a small Russian Army contingent that had taken control of an airport. The British Army officer, better known now as pop singer James Blunt, questioned this crazy order, and finally a British Army top level General got on the radio and made it known that the order to his troops was countermanded, and he was not going to start World War III for Clark, a man who not so long ago sought election to the presidency of the United States.


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