2014.09.16 more or less

Another note, one of what has been a frequent series of notes lately, just because the onslaught continues. As I was saying the last time out, we’ve got serious issues in terms of how much is just not making it into what might be described as the diet of infotainment “news” being fed continuously into the heads of consumers of news consuming news products.

There’s a weird kind of conundrum that’s tough to get a good hold on; there’s much more going on than what fills the news diet of any Americans consuming the usual fare (what’s become clichéd as “the Mainstream Media”, which leads to even more complications involving some of the noisy chatter using that term, even making it an acronym of “MSM”). At the same time, in a strange way, somehow, in some things it might be said that there is less going on than the impression some people might get, and I’m not sure how to explain what I mean by that. What I’m talking about, generally, is the way that a tiny bit of fact, or a fairly simple idea or phenomenon, can manage to be pumped up into epic proportions by endless chatter from a cast of what seems like thousands, after a while, if you soak in the cable TV realm. It’s enough to make you glaze over into some half-conscious state of something near hypnosis. I suspect that’s the exact effect it has for a lot of people.

I did one of my regular brief samplings of that realm and instantly had an item popping up that was a diversion from what I was going to talk about. That was turning on CNBC for a couple of minutes to peek at the group hallucinations happening there, and they did not disappoint, at least in terms of failing to deliver what I figured I would find. The group chatter was about great excitement about “the Dow” (i.e. the Dow Jones Industrial Average magic number stat) hitting another new record high! Every time this happens, and it has been happening fairly often in recent months, my mind drifts for a moment to my youth, and hearing the voice of Indianapolis Motor Speedway track announcer Tom Carnegie as he boomed out “aaaaand… it’s a new track record!” as somebody on track in a qualifying run set a new mark. In the case of the Dow record highs, it begs the question, always- what does this actually mean?

In a roundabout way, that popped up as something that, as I just said, was another diversion, another distraction, but by being so, it ends up being a perfect item for what I’m talking about. The CNBC business and financial news dog and pony show just serves up endless noise that manages to put on appearances of being vitally important, and, yet, is nothing at all, really. The people involved, the barrage of graphics throwing a continuous stream of statistics and graphs at people, all seem more and more detached from any substantial reality in what might be called the “real economy”, where actual value is involved in getting useful work done and dealing with physical things of usefulness and value, in proper exchanges of value for value. It never fails to put on a show of some weird phenomenon of people seemingly operating entirely off in a world of their own, lost in artifice and pretense and delusions.

On that note, it seems like a good place to shift into part of what I was planning on writing about. That’s the whole dysfunctional domain of politics, and, generally, how it seems like damned near everything now ends up being politics, or, at least, talked about as if it’s politics, whether or not it really is politics.

That’s demonstrating itself in the bizarre thing I’ve been finding for, what, over the past week or so maybe, that consists of occasionally peeking at CNN and finding… well, actually, the same things as I said in my last note.

All that seems to serve effectively to keep people’s attention diverted from many other things.

Why are we so fearful? Have we become cowards?

In the text crawl running on the bottom of the screen, other things quietly slip past, as I wonder how much is noticed. Even if that does get the attention of CNN viewers, what’s there consists of tiny little short blurbs that hardly count as reporting. Among that stuff, today, one of the items slipping past was a note saying that the Ukrainian parliament (such as it is, post-coup d’etat) had approved a economic and trade agreement with the European Union, the very thing that had been rejected at the last minute by deposed elected Ukrainian President Yanukovych (who apparently saw it as fairly egregious and repulsive in its terms, probably a complicated story by itself), the situation that evidently (clearly) got the ire of the neocon cult in Washington and prompting the manipulations and drama that ended up in a coup in Kiev. The text following was completely unsurprising, quoting assorted Washington characters belching out statements about how this was a great historic event for the Ukrainian people and their freedom and democracy and all the usual bullshit with little relation to reality. It’s clear that freedom and democracy isn’t exactly what that gang are about.

On the other hand, we, here in the US, are getting little to nothing in the news about the coup, and who was involved, with the involvement including both high level US politicians (hello, Senator McCain!) and State Department officials, along with, over there, actual neo-Nazi fascists. I’ve been over that plenty already. Little of it appears to most Americans. As far as I can tell, most people only have vague notions of the complete nonsense about Russian aggression and invasion and seizure in Ukraine while the Ukrainian people bravely fight the evil Russian aggression for freedom and democracy and embracing the EU and US, which is, as has been covered extensively (when you find it), complete bullshit, mostly fiction.

Perfecting ‘Regime Change’ in Ukraine

U.S., NATO, Hold Joint War Games in Ukraine, and Give Ukraine Weapons, to Continue Ethnic Cleansing Campaign

Hiding Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Reality

Losing Credibility: The IMF’s New Cold War Loan to Ukraine

NATO Sabotage on Order for Ukraine Ceasefire

It gets tiresome, to watch this happening, and even more so to see that it seems to be so thoroughly ignored, unknown to most of the American citizenry. There, exactly, is the reason why I’ve been doing about as much as I can to direct people’s attention to actual news about what really is happening in Ukraine and the twisted lunacy surrounding it in the games of international geopolitics. It’s the same broad reason as why I’ve devoted so much space here over the few years of this blog pointing at the energy resource and consumption problems we have. Generally, people are bombarded with warped nonsense and confusion about the subject, with that stuff pushing out just about all factual truth and reason.

But, then, overcoming that is a real problem. Show them something that’s actually real, consisting of people truthfully dealing with reality (what “news” is supposed to be), and a lot of reactions, if there are any, are unfortunately likely to be something along the lines of “oh, that can’t be right, because that’s not what I’ve heard!”.

There’s the big problem.



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