2014.09.10 The War Party… and “patriot day”?

It’s tough sledding to even try to keep up with things and sort out the swirling barrage of lunacy in the realm of politics and what people call “foreign policy” here. Aside from the specifics of any situation and events, and even setting aside the general situations as particular subjects, one large glaring item should be, I say should be, very obvious to the American citizenry, which is the way all that multi-ring circus of lunacy and grand-scale folly diverts attention, energy, and resources away from the considerable and substantial and urgent matters at hand right here in the United States of America, sorting out things and getting our own house in order.

The first item here won’t come as a surprise to anybody even glancing at the infotainment noise field. Turning on a television for a minute, I flipped through quickly to check… CNN… Fox News… MSNBC… yep. Sure enough. All three of those, all chattering away, complete with text banners and graphics onscreen to grab attention in big bold capitals; guess what it all was? That’s right! ISIS ISIS ISIS! ISIS ISIS! ISIS ISIS ISIS ISIS! Among all that, no doubt, if I stayed with it, we would get as “news” lots of chatter telling audiences “Americans are very afraid of ISIS and demand action!“, which, of course, means “action” as in “new and more US military war operations”. Some of it, again no surprise to anybody carefully paying attention, is about possible “air strikes in Syria”. It’s hard not to seem flippant and jaded (not “cynical”, I’m not going to join in the misuse of that word) in saying “gee… what a surprise, who knew?”.

If you are an American reading this, aren’t you glad you have these guys keeping you informed to let you know how very afraid you are? I guess we might not know, otherwise, right?

It has already been pointed out that this ISIS (or ISIL, or IS) bunch are apparently another product of “US support and training” of some bunch elsewhere in the world designed by some characters of the “Neoconservative” cult in Washington to manipulate situations and events elsewhere in the world, and then producing a boomerang effect of some sort or generally going haywire (“blowback” is one term), and then they’ll do it again, do more of it. Review the support, essentially the creation, by the US government of the gang that became known as “al Qaeda”, when they were thought of as “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan, harassing the Soviet army, for one example. Now, with the ISIS bunch, people in power and influence are seriously babbling about arming and supporting some other bunch (“moderates opposition groups”, don’t you know, to be carefully “vetted”), in, naturally, Syria. Again, it’s hard to not be flippant. Gee. What could possibly go wrong?

We’re living in the middle of a real live demonstration of Newspeak from Orwell’s 1984, in this case, politicians effectively spewing “War Is Peace”. Faced with the opposition of Americans to this ongoing lunacy, we get neocon characters like Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol running their mouths talking about “war fatigue” as if we Americans are just apathetic and cowardly, being against war and all, including the ridiculously and inevitable appearance, like in a opinion piece from Kagan published by the Wall Street Journal that I mentioned before, of a completely inappropriate analogy to 1938 and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and his “appeasement” of Hitler.

The same mad nonsense is running through everything we hear from the neocon cult and the “news” media acting as their propaganda operations regarding Ukraine, and one recent item (that seems to be completely ignored in those media) is a press release from the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations announcing that two senators are requesting the Speaker of the House to invite new Ukrainian head of the coup government in Kiev, Petro Poroshenko, to address a joint session of Congress.

According to the letter:

We believe that it is critically important for every Member of Congress to hear from Ukraine’s President at this defining moment for not only Ukraine, but for Russia and the post-Cold War international order.

Allow me, as an American, to address this by simply saying- bullshit. The last thing Congress needs to do is to be spending time on such a dog and pony show.

The letter, from Senate committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Ranking Member Bob Corker (R-TN), goes on, and it gets worse:

Earlier this year, the Ukrainian people surprised the world when they came together and stood their ground in Maidan Square in the face of violence and tyranny, in order to defend their beliefs and the very sovereignty of their nation against corrupt leaders who had abandoned the will of the people and the interests of their nation. Today, with a newly elected democratic government in office, and having chosen for themselves the direction of their nation, Ukraine faces a renewed battle for its economic and political sovereignty.

Russia, under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, is challenging the very foundations of the security architecture that has supported peace and stability on the European continent since the end of the Cold War. President Poroshenko is on the front line of this conflict to determine the fate of Ukraine and the future of the international order.

People would probably tend to read that and think it all sounds fine and noble, a plan for a wonderful occasion to celebrate freedom and democracy and courage in its pursuit, if they don’t know that virtually everything in those two paragraphs is false.

Something that’s somewhat a side item is worth noting, and that is the authorship of this silly letter by two senators who have “D” next to one name and “R” next to the other. Hey, presto! It’s “bipartisan”, so, then, it must be good, right? That’s the standard meme now in American national politics… if it’s “bipartisan”, well, it must be good and fine and rational and based in reality, while all it really shows is that often a really bad idea, or a large scale program of madness and lying can be supported by “both parties of our two-party system” (even though, I remind people, there is nothing in the foundational structure of American government that says anything about “a two party system”, or giving any power to political parties at all).

The neocons are not exclusive to one party.

Elsewhere, flipping through TV channels, I came upon an awful thing. Dick Cheney was speaking in public, a small crowd of people were actually listening to him, and C-Span was transmitting it. It was a thing that was one of those weird contradictory events that can be not surprising and yet stunning at the same time, an example of “I can’t believe I’m witnessing this!”, even though you’ve witnessed it happening many times, and you probably will many more times.

Yes, there he was, Cheney speaking, and telling his audience that the world has all kinds of trouble happening and that this, in his ever so humble opinion, was entirely due to current President Barack Obama failing to rule the entire planet in his role in the American Empire. It’s incomprehensible that, after everything, anybody would ever waste a minute of their life paying any serious attention to Dick Cheney saying anything about government and/or world affairs.

The day ended with President Obama giving a speech to the nation (and presumably, the world) telling us about his grand plan for Iraq War version 3. Then it’s on to September 11, 2014, with the date officially made a holiday, for God’s sake, called “Patriot Day”, presumably when we’re all supposed to celebrate the “UNITING AND STRENGTHENING AMERICA BY PROVIDING APPROPRIATE TOOLS REQUIRED TO INTERCEPT AND OBSTRUCT TERRORISM (USA PATRIOT ACT) ACT OF 2001″… you know, the “Patriot Act”, celebrating the imposition of semi-martial law and suspension of the United States Constitution.




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