2014.09.03 interesting times

I was thinking a little about something I saw that said “attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal“. I thought that was pretty good. It gets the gist of something, and it’s important. That brought up something else out of memory, which was some else I recall from someplace, which was somebody saying “adventures suck when you’re having them“, which is probably fitting for a lot of stories.

Thinking about that for a few minutes reminded me again of what I’ve heard spoken of as an old Chinese saying that’s intended as a sort of curse, to say “may you live in interesting times”. Sometimes “interesting” isn’t so easy, even while it might be important.

Right now, it’s as appropriate as ever to me to think a bit about the way that the subject areas found here in my little space have turned out to be, more often than not, about the interesting times, and the way people are avoiding, any way possible, even noticing things as they are. Things might be a little too adventurous for some people, looking a little too much like an ordeal. So, then! Just ignore it! Better yet, pretend it’s something entirely different! Better still to turn to some other diversion!

All this, inevitably, ends up in the subject of the ugly and increasingly bizarre realm of politics. I sometimes think, when I start to write a note here, that some people who might bother to read might get the idea in their head that this is a “political blog”, possibly missing the whole point, which actually breaks into a couple of points. One is the whole phenomenon of damned near anything getting shoved into the realm of politics, with the problems, then, of the second part of this, which is that once that happens, and it’s into the political realm, it gets into the increasingly worse tendency for all facts of reality and reason to go right out the window.

Part of that, unfortunately, is what I found myself focusing on last time, some kind of infectious pandemic of megalomania gripping the American political class. Summed up in most general broad terms, one of the biggest problems we have here in the United States as of mid-2014 is the same as it has been for a long time, but arguably much worse now, and getting worse by the day, that being the fixation on “international affairs”, or “foreign policy”, that presents a combination of problems.

One is that all this madness keeps attention and focus away from the considerable list of substantial problems and tasks to be dealt with, right here at home, getting our own house in order.

Another is the way that virtually anything and everything, in the realm of this mad obsession with trying to be an empire ruling the entire world, goes completely haywire. Right now, it’s pretty obvious to anybody paying any attention that any news and discussion about the US government is overwhelmingly dominated by all sorts of repercussions of this, pushing aside damned near anything about the business of the United States government being concerned with, you know, the United States of America, and the responsibility laid out in the constitution-

…establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare…

Today, turning on a TV to check CNN for a minute revealed a “CNN Exclusive”, with CNN talking head Jim Scuitto sitting on a stage in a large auditorium somewhere doing a live interview with Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. It was unsurprising to find that none of the conversation I caught was relevant to maintaining a protective guard of the United States of America. There was plenty of chatting about the business of empire trying to control everything everywhere in the world. Worse, much of it was clearly at odds with reality.

That last major issue was present elsewhere, as the president was elsewhere, having left the country to travel to Europe, occupied part of his day by standing up before an audience and TV cameras in Estonia and giving a speech. This is part of his agenda before travelling to Wales for a big meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, where presumably participants from NATO will be told the same stuff.

Obama Transcript: Estonia speech

To go through it and address everything needed, everything wrong with it, would be quite a long task all by itself. I happened to catch the middle of the speech when I had a minute and found it being played on C-Span, and only stayed with it for a couple of minutes. Even that left me disgusted, feeling like that short time was wasted. I found the transcript and read through it later, which took much less time that suffering through the whole thing in real time. That was bad enough.

It was a speech that probably sounded wonderful and noble to some people, if they happened to be completely unaware that it was full of blatant, outrageous falsehoods and staggering hypocrisy. I only avoid using the word “lies” by being generous about giving Obama the benefit of the doubt that, perhaps, he really is completely kept in the dark and fed fiction by the people around him. I seriously doubt that, though.

Who’s Telling the ‘Big Lie’ on Ukraine?

The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis

The “Ukrainian Crisis” has certainly had my attention for a while, and, I would hope this is clear by now, for nothing like the supposed reasons that are continuously pumped out for public consumption by the US government, puppet allies, and completely compliant and subservient infotainment pseudo-“news” media. In the two articles linked before this paragraph, Robert Parry does a fine job, again, of summarizing the actual facts and analyzing things. In the latter article, he says:

Though I’m told that Obama now understands how the neocons and other hardliners outmaneuvered him over Ukraine, he has felt compelled to join in Official Washington’s endless Putin-bashing, causing a furious Putin to make clear that he cannot be counted on to assist Obama on tricky foreign policy predicaments like Syria and Iran.

Told by whom is a good question, this is something that can be dismissed as hearsay, but I will say that I regard this as probably more credible than most of what comes out of the noisy infotainment and propaganda that has subverted a functioning free press in America now. If that statement is true, it does raise a fair question, which is basically to wonder how much Obama might be spewing falsehoods based on a genuine belief, being misled by his own people who are responsible for keeping the President of the United States informed, and how much of it is garbage that he knows is complete bullshit, and is either a willing participant, or a complete puppet of forces controlling him.

Whatever the case might be, it’s ugly, and a serious problem. Parry might have it exactly right in what he said there, saying that Obama knows that he’s been telling massive lies, in some horribly misguided notions of “strategy”, and even if he realizes he’s been led into an ugly mess, he now feels trapped and compelled to maintain the lies, thinking that he’s fully committed now, and it would be, shall we say, very awkward, to stand up and tell the truth suddenly, announcing to the world “you know what? All that about Ukraine and ‘Russian aggression and invasion’? It’s all fiction, it’s nonsense, my people were all lying, I’ve been lying”.

Media Disinformation: Iraq Has WMDs and Russia Has Invaded!

Warning Merkel on Russian ‘Invasion’ Intel

“Russia Invades Ukraine”, Strategic NATO Public Relations Stunt. Where Are The Russian Tanks?

ClubOrlov: How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?

Right now, with the big NATO meeting, including the participation of President Obama, this is really urgent stuff now. The basic theme, the only theme it seems, is to hammer European government leaders with this insane fiction about “Russian aggression” and “invasion” and “the threat to Europe”, while there still being jack-shit-NADA in reality to even suggest that Russia has any kinds of intentions of misbehavior toward any of Europe.

In stories in what’s becoming more and more apparent as propaganda media, presented as “news”, there was an online article on CNN, then another, basically a revised version of the first presented as a new article, you can watch the propaganda nonsense in action, and find some subtle clues. Those were delivered to the world along with Obama’s speech in Estonia, with the clues actually not being all that subtle about what was really afoot.

Wade through all the chatter about the repetition of the same nonsense about “Russian aggression” and “the threat to Europe” and all that, and eventually you come to some slightly revealing comments from various people about things like finding a renewed purpose for NATO, and, especially, people (including Obama) talking about getting NATO members to crank up the spending on military equipment and armaments. Get your orders in now, save yourselves from the imminent threat of the Russian aggression! See the threat of the Russian aggression?! They’re coming for all of you next! Who do you suppose will take those orders for lots of shiny new war machines and supplies?




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