2014.09.01 hyper-megalomania

Monday 2014.09.01

It almost seems like we’re in a time and place here where, every day, taking a bit of time to look outward and check up on what’s happening turns up an increasing sheer volume of stuff, just talking about quantity, of various stories of madness among people in positions of some sort of importance, influence, power. It’s not just the quantity of stuff, to put it plainly, but in any given episode, any ongoing saga, some new drama added in suddenly, the magnitude and severity of the lunacy gets jacked up even more.

It really is getting old, this, thinking about things and sitting down to write a note to anybody who might be interested in reading, and finding myself, again, setting aside other, better, more interesting and positive things, to write something that essentially always finds itself coming back to the subject of lunatic politicians. Megalomania runs amok, that’s an obvious pink elephant stumbling metaphorically around the room.

Let’s review some definitions of that word-


noun \ˌme-gə-lō-ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə\

: a condition or mental illness that causes people to think that they have great or unlimited power or importance

Full Definition of MEGALOMANIA

1: a mania for great or grandiose performance

2: a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur


-Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem.


-Megalomania is a crazy hunger for power and wealth, and a passion for grand schemes.


-The definition of megalomania is a mental illness where the person believes they are very important and superior, or a tendency to do very extravagant things.


It was interesting to note something in the Wikipedia page on the word (yes, I know that Wikipedia is not the greatest final authority for reference, but it’s often good). That was this sentence:

When linked to a position of power, whether military, political, or control-freak bureaucracy,[13] it is likely to lead to miscalculation as a by-product of the figure’s swollen head.[14]

Yeah, buddy.

So here we are. Look around. Behold.

With that comes a repeating dilemma, put simply in the form “good god, where do you start?”. Afghanistan? Iraq? Libya? Syria? Ukraine? All the twisted sorts of repeating-iteration loops in these places?

I suppose the what might be considered latest could be the bits of political and news chatter once again bouncing back to Syria, as people in power and influence yap about that place in relationship to the newest “War on Terror” bogeyman bunch, referred to as ISIS, or ISIL, or IS, depending on who’s talking. I think I found some explanation for that multiple name confusion, which includes the US government people speaking about them calling them “ISIL”. I quote the article:

A previously unknown band of gunmen known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant were trained and armed in Jordan by CIA, then turned loose on Syria.

That explains the use of “ISIL” by the US government officials. It was the name in use when the US government was getting them going.

Letting my imagination run for a minute, it’s easy to picture all sorts of long-running epic horror shows around the world starting off with some closed door secret meeting of high-ranking officialdom in Washington where somebody makes a statement that starts off with “hey, guys, I got an idea…” and winds up in closing with “… what could possibly go wrong?“.

It might be hilarious if the consequences were not so real, and grim.

Recall almost exactly a year ago. We already had the spectacle of politicians squawking furiously about turning another upside down because they decided that if they didn’t like the government of another nation somewhere on Earth, then it was regime change time. The only arguments in Washington seem to be about the details, there, or anyplace else they think this is the thing to do. As that raged on, with squabbling about support for “opposition” to Assad and the current Syrian government, a real live civil war raged in Syria. Obama made his infamous declaration that “a red line would be crossed” if Assad used chemical weapons against people there. Oddly enough, it seemed like no time at all had passed before, look at that, suddenly people are dead and in hospitals in some suburb of Damascus reported as suffering from chemical weapon effects from missiles launched into the area. Immediate outrage swirled, and it was looking like the neocons were going to get their attack on Syria and another new war.

There was a major problem with the premise of that. Despite all the barking about it being “absolutely clear” that Assad and the Syrian army being behind the dastardly deed, including proclamations about this from Secretary of State John Kerry, looking beyond the TV infotainment and other pseudo-news media parroting government official statements, you could find many reports of people saying, wait, not so fast. The end of the story, it turned out that it wasn’t Assad, or even as some suggested, some rogue characters in the Syrian military. It was a “false flag” attack, devised by people who wanted to see Assad out, and took Obama’s “red line” ultimatum as a perfect opportunity to box in the United States and push them into sending the US military over to attack Syria for them.

Seymour M. Hersh · The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels

What’s extra bizarre is that even now, people represented to the public as being news journalists talk about that as if Assad and the Syrian military had used chemical weapons on those civilians, crossing Obama’s “red line”, and that Obama had simply not followed up on it. Just a couple of days ago there was some “report” that followed the usual operating mode of TV news, where two of the network talking heads had a conversation in a TV studio, and one of them tossed that out casually as background accepted “fact”.

In other words, reality is simply ignored. Nonsense and fiction is reported as fact. That incident I just mentioned happened on the MSNBC network as I passed through, but it’s the same on all of them, with the slight variation on this being Fox News repeating the same misleading fiction, but adding furious squawking about this being “Obama being weak and losing credibility for America”, because he didn’t go and launch the US military at Syria based on a premise that turned out to be completely false.

Now, of course, the dramas, and the confusion from people being uninformed or worse, seriously misinformed by propaganda campaigns, are piling up so thick and fast that it’s enough to make people’s heads swirl, even people who earnestly try to keep up. The added problem is that so many people just can’t do that, they have enough of their own to deal with, or they just say “fuck it” and ignore all the madness.

At this point, we have the new bogeyman of ISIS (ISIL, IS, whatever), in Iraq, with new war drum pounding to go attack them there, which includes, in staggering absurdity, using US military equipment and arms to go destroy US military equipment and arms, because reportedly, the ISIS bunch have grabbed loads of what the US military left behind, leaving it as some sort of gift to the Iraqi government, such as it is now. Bankrupt the nation on the stuff, then leave it on the other side of the world, then go back to blow that stuff up with more stuff bankrupting the nation some more.

Since the ISIS gang are apparently one of the “opposition” factions attacking Assad in Syria, now the talk in Washington is about going and attacking them, attacking one of the “opposition” forces who are attacking Assad and the Syrian government, while also talking more about attacking Assad and the Syrian government, arming and supporting “moderate opposition”, they say.

It’s enough to make you stop and think, wait, I need to read this again, this guy must have become confused in the middle of writing this, that can’t be right. Yes, it really is happening; and it actually is that absurd.

Checking in on CNN for a minute, I found myself facing, in that very short time, another burst of staggering absurdity, that’s another great example of the absurdities we get as “news”. It was the usual segment type, where a network taking head talks to some guests (usually somewhere else with a remote link, as this was), yapping pointlessly and doing virtually anything except reporting facts. The thing that got my attention was the host suggesting to the guests (I’ve already forgotten who they were) that… get ready for this… some people suggest that Obama’s “failure” to attack the Syrian military and government a year ago is responsible for helping ISIS and making them stronger.

Let me repeat that. The statement was that some people seriously think that the US not attacking the Syrian military and Assad government somehow helped and strengthened one of the groups who are in Syria attacking the Syrian military and Assad’s government trying to remove him from power and move into power.

Are these people completely insane? Do they have any awareness and rational function at all?

The Mother of All Blowbacks

Peace President To Send Humanitarian Bombs To Syria To Destroy Changers Of Regime He Wants To Change

Washington’s Latest War Fever | Consortiumnews

For more background, let’s remember again that something over thirty years ago, US government neocon types decided that it would be a good idea to support and arm some Saudi character named Osama bin Laden and his gang (eventually known as “al Qaeda”) because they were “freedom fighters” who would give the Soviet army a hard time in Afghanistan.

Libya’s ‘Regime Change’ Chaos

The neocon megalomaniac lust for “regime change” anywhere somebody in the cult doesn’t like the government ended up leading to US assistance in forcing Gaddafi out in Libya, and now that place is by all accounts a complete hellish chaos. For quite a long time now, the group psychosis of much of the Republican party has had those goons harping “BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI BENGHAZI!”, incessantly pointing at both Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and howling that they were deficient and even criminal in being responsible for the ugliness that happened there with the deaths of four people in the US consulate in that city.

It never seems to occur to these idiots that maybe if there’s a responsibility on Obama and H. Clinton for that ugliness, failing to control a situation where everything around there was out of control, it might be much more basic, in deciding it was a great idea to attack Libya and force the overthrow of government there and leaving chaos among yet another set of battling local goons.

The recent news of the ISIS trouble in Iraq has been all about what sort of military action the US should launch there, Iraq War version 3, with much of it being framed as an issue of “humanitarian” intervention. Now, perhaps, people could stop and consider another area of the world.

Consider if there were a place where an elected government leader had been forced out by a coup d’etat, replaced by a government loaded with neo-Nazi fascists, including people who were involved in the violence leading to the coup, and then that coup government proceeded, with the neo-Nazi fascists taking part, to attack a large portion of the population of the country who resisted the overthrow of the elected leader and these characters taking power, attacking the area relentlessly. Would it be right to intervene and stop this, for humanitarian reasons?

What I just described is what has happened and is happening in the eastern European country of Ukraine, but the US government isn’t stepping in to stop the onslaught, in fact, the US government supported the coup, supporting the taking of power in a European country by Nazi fascists for the first time since World War II. The US government is not just refusing to step in to stop the attacks on the Russian-Ukrainians in the eastern part of the country who dared to declare that they would not have anything to do with the new coup government in Kiev, but they’re helping the coup government, and completely lying about virtually everything concerning the situation and events there.

Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie

Sanctioning the New Cold War

The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities

Ex-CIA Official Proposes Assassination of Putin

US Sponsored “Color Revolution” in Russia? In St. Petersburg?

ClubOrlov: Propaganda and the lack thereof

“Russian Invasion” – Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

In not such a strange coincidence, a little earlier, just before finishing this note (Labor Day, September 1), I went and read the regular Monday installment of James Howard Kunstler’s Clusterfuck Nation blog, and found that he’s addressing the same broad subject as I am here.

Busybody Nation | KUNSTLER

The one difference is that Kunstler understates it a bit, as “busybody nation”, whereas I’m going further and describing it in terms that I personally think to be much more literally accurate, as full-blown megalomania, of a level of severity that is astonishing.

To end this note, there is one last thought about the kind of completely warped pseudo-news reporting that is fed to us here in the United States, and parroted elsewhere in countries feeling obligated to follow and obey the lunatics in Washington, along with the lying and reality-warp nonsense fed to those media by the US government. People refer to George Orwell’s fictional dystopian hell in the novel 1984, and usually refer to it in terms of oppressive brutal police state. What is often missed, I would say, is another element of the world on 1984, which is the more subtle destructive problem in that world, where the truth of reality is so warped, so confused, lying is such an endemic part of the whole society, that people in that world lose touch with reality. People got so used to pretending that lies were real, conforming to lies and fiction and nonsense, or even genuinely coming to believe it all, that people lost the ability to even function by operating on the basis of reality, the ability to even recognize when they were being fed lies and nonsense.

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