2014.07.29 they just keep going…

Even though so much is going on, in the world at large, here in the United States, and for me in things closer at hand and personal, the crazy distractions and diversions continue.

No surprise at all in taking a glimpse at news and finding “BREAKING NEWS” on the TV screen. The “breaking news” was a live feed of Secretary of State John Kerry doing a standup dog and pony show with the Foreign Minister of the new US-backed Ukrainian government. No surprise to listen and find a load of what, simply put, was an assortment of bullshit, in blunt language. My apologies to anyone who might find the use of the crude vulgarity bullshit unpleasant, but sometimes, that’s just the right word to save time and summarize a large complex knot of some mix of subtle distortions, misdirections, manipulations, and outright lies.

The general theme was John Kerry putting on a show of being the Secretary of State of the United States of America doing his bit as a Very Important Person central to all things everywhere on planet Earth, stepping in and stepping up to take hold of the problems of the world and set things right. The actual reality is very different, but that doesn’t get in the way of the show. As is now normal, what passes for what used to be known as “a free press” in America does little to nothing to address the dissonance between reality and the spew.

There was a hell of a twist of irony in that department, though, the thing here being that even as Kerry spoke, at the bottom of the screen there was the bit that is now standard routine for CNN, where a scrolling “ticker” of text slides across the bototm of the image with ridiculously abbreviated (and often mangled) bits of news items, items that are being ignored by the chattering talking heads who are on at the time, the people who are supposed to be reporting news. The huge irony was that part of what was rolling by there was actually contradicting what Kerry was saying, as he was saying it. What made this worse was that after Kerry finished (and CNN cut away just as the Ukrainian Foreign Minister began speaking, which is interesting all by itself), the CNN studio talking heads resumed the usual narrative, ignoring the glaring item I just mentioned.

As Kerry shoveled it out, there was the standard narrative about how terrible it is that European crash investigators are now unable to safely get into the crash site area, while pushing the themes about those terrible awful separatist rebels being the problem here, which included completely unnecessary (and likely false, I’m guessing) added comments about the stuff being “reported” about abuse of the site and the dead and personal belongings and so on. Meanwhile… across the screen at the bottom, the CNN ticker text reported renewed and increased attacks on people in these very same rebel areas by the Ukrainian military, the coup government in Kiev supported by the US government. It was staggering. Right there, Kerry was doing his performance, while text on screen directly contradicted his narrative of what was happening.

Despite things like that, the narratives are still as Kerry was doing there, and the news keeps including astounding absurdities like this. It’s a regular thing now to have situations that basically come down to something like this: crash investigators can’t enter the crash area because the US puppet government in Kiev won’t stop attacking the separatists/rebels… so clearly, we must impose new sanctions on Putin!

It’s a circus of the absurd.

Elsewhere, I saw a new poll conducted by Politico, which revealed a couple of telling things. One was that a large portion of the American citizenry are less and less pleased with the US government’s obsession of getting involved in everything everywhere in the world, which seems to not matter at all to the characters in government. One little part of this was very telling, which is how one question was formed. There were multiple questions about different situations, which all shared the common prefix in the form of the words:

“In each of the following situations, please indicate whether the U.S. should be more involved, less involved, or maintain its current level of involvement”

This was then followed by different bits of text added to form a series of different questions, those being:

The civil war in Syria.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

The civil war in Iraq.

My emphasis added in italics.

Do you think somebody is trying to lead people, steer them just a bit?

It wasn’t “the civil war in Syria… the civil war in Ukraine… the civil war in Iraq”. No, in the middle of the series it becomes “Russia’s aggression in Ukraine”, just not so subtly planting it in people’s minds as being a natural premise of old obvious established fact. It’s like a combination of something Orwell would imagine, and people adopting the Joseph Goebbels idea of The Big Lie he used as propaganda master for Nazi Germany… make the lie huge, monumental, and repeat it relentlessly. In this case, elements of The Big Lie are “Russian aggression” and “Russia’s invasion and seizure of Crimea”, even though the barest bit of research, or, for that matter, even paying careful attention to past news as it was reported, is enough to reveal that these supposed “facts” are gross fiction. In a complicated story, this is a piece that’s not really complicated, and it’s fundamental to everything else. When that’s an obvious, clear, blatant lie, and it’s not only constantly repeated, but it’s also then served up as a basis for all kinds of other things we’re being told, this is a useful clue in getting a sense that quite a lot isn’t true.

Yesterday, in catching a little bit of CNN’s output, I ended up finding that my short sampling consisted of what was probably somewhere around ten minutes or so of the CNN anchor talking by the regular method of remote interview, people staring into a camera in different places, with somebody about some book on the subject of Vladimir Putin’s personality and personal life. I just sat there, incredulous, looking at the TV thinking “why?”. What was the point of this? Besides being just vacuous and pointless as it was, it was completely irrelevant, being presented as some sort of news information on the Ukraine situation. Here, we have one of the major issues here. The reality of the Ukraine situation is that it’s not about Putin.

Let’s repeat that. It’s not about Putin. Yet, somehow, in all the noise of propaganda presented as news about the situation in Ukraine, the positions and statements of the US government players filling the news, and the vacuous nonsense and outright fiction being relayed as news, everything manages to keep coming back to Putin and this portrayal of it all being about Putin the madman dictator bent on conquest.

Continually pushing that notion into people’s heads then helps sell a narrative that says the madman dictator with evil designs for domination and conquest went and invaded poor Ukraine and seized part of their nation with plans to grab more, while America is trying to come in and save Ukraine and help them realize their noble and brave quest for freedom and democracy and prosperity. It’s obvious, at least to some people, that this is a blatant plan to cover the reality.

The reality is something I’ve done my best to cover over recent months, and, much like writing about our situation regarding hydrocarbon resources, specifially oil and natural gas, the actual reality requires repetition for the simple reason that there is so much relentless repetition of lying and delusions in constant propaganda from people who seem to see some sort of advantage in keeping people confused.

In short; the current US government, under domination of the lunatic neocon cult that has grown in influence and power over the past few decades, saw an opportunity to manipulate and push a little “regime change” in Ukraine, to oust a leader who by all accounts was a kleptocratic oligarch, but a democratically elected leader, who committed the crime in American neocon eyes of having a friendly relationship with Russia, and have him replaced by leadership under US government influence. That is to say, more plainly, a puppet government by coup d’etat. That included making alliances, to accomplishh this, with vehemently anti-Russian factions there including full-on, honest to god, neo-Nazi fascists.

All of this, by the way, is not “conspiracy theory”, or “Russian propaganda”, but, at this point, clearly established fact. To quote Aldous Huxley, facts do not cease to exist simply because they’re ignored.

It rapidly started to turn sour (as if it could go any other way) when the predominantly Russian-Ukrainian populations in Crimea and eastern areas of Ukraine, both of which were part of Russia not such a long time ago until being grafted on to Ukraine during the Soviet era, were completely outraged by the US stage managed coup and resulting puppet government, and refused to accept this. When the parliament in Crimea, a semi-autonomous region, and then a vote by the general population (reported by all news as being a massive majority vote) chose to state their intentions to leave Ukraine, and ask the Russian government to annex Crimea and become part of Russia again, Seceretary of State Kerry, President Obama, and all the other US actors simultaneously managed to make righteous noises about “the people’s right to democracy and self-determination” and then turn right around and declare the actual actions of self-determination by democracy “invalid and illegal”.

As things went awry, the diversions kicked in, like shouting “look at the Russian invasion and seizure of Crimea! see the Russian invasion and seizure of Crimea violating the sovereign rights of Ukraine?!”, pointing at the Russian military in Crimea in and around the Russian naval base in Crimea that had been there all along.

Now, as people charged with the task of examining the crash site of Malaysia Airlines MH17 complain that they have not been able to get near the place in the last few days because of “violence in the area”, the US government, Obama and Kerry and the rest, and the compliant US “news media”, keep making pronoucements about how Putin refuses to stop the violence, and it’s all his responsibility, and he should do the proper thing and make it all stop, while the violence in the area is the Ukrainian military, of the US-supported new government in Kiev, renewing and increasing attacks on the Russian-Ukrainian separatist rebels in the area. Making the lying even more blatant is that by all accounts, Ukraine as a whole and the Ukrainian government in particular is an economic basket case, and it doesn’t take great insight to presume that no major military operations could probably be happening except by being funded by Washington directly or at least funded by US government influenced and controlled sources. In other words, the “one person who can stop this” would, logically, be President Barack Obama (or at least one of his representatives) addressing the new government in Kiev and saying “stand down… stop this, now“.

That isn’t happening. Instead, what did today’s news bring? An announcement of “new sanctions against Putin and Russia” and more of the same specious nonsense and lying about the general situation.

They just keep going, and going, and going.




One Response to 2014.07.29 they just keep going…

  1. K-Dog says:

    They lie like the Energizer Bunny. They just keep going and going and going.

    But consider that you and I will never be part of the American deception machinery. Why? Because we have qualms. But to those doing the spinning, how much spinning do they have to do before they lose their souls?

    Not much I imagine. After the first few lies the rationalizations and justifications of a dim mind are all in place. After that it’s just a matter of turning the crank and collecting the paycheck. And from such blank and empty slates we can hardly expect the emergence of any new behaviour. The people reporting the misdeeds of our leaders have been pre-selected for compliance. To expect them to develop humanity is crazy.

    The system has been pre-empted by sociopaths but the citizens of this land don’t care and are beyond apathetic. The media machine generating lies and national instability is itself quite stable and is well inoculated against being infected with change.

    At the top end of the media pyramid there are controls to maintain deception. At the bottom end of the pyramid we have agents from homeland security watching the habits of bloggers. Agents manipulating the internet and the personal life circumstances of citizens as needed to control the expression of facts contrary to desired national narratives. The biggest fact needing to be controlled about that being knowledge of their presence.

    It is a broken system that is impossible to fix. An informed public would be needed to fix it and we don’t have one and won’t be getting one anytime soon. We are locked in a bread-and-games scenario and the citizens are content to keep it the way it is.

    I want a different system just like you but until new circumstances compel change there isn’t going to be any. I wish I could bark: ‘Say it isn’t so’ as loud as I can, but for now, that’s the way it is.

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