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One upon a time, here in the United States, the government told us that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”, that this was absolutely certain with great conclusive overwhelming evidence, and the US military needed to attack and invade Iraq because of the imminent threatening danger, and this would be liberating Iraq, where we would be the Good Guys hailed by the people there for bringing the freedom and democracy.

By now, everything about that is pretty well known.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, just last year, the US government told us that in Syria, Syrian government leader Assad and his military forces had attacked Syrian civilians with chemical weapons, which came not long after President Obama’s “crossing a red line” comments, which brought all kinds of chattering in Washington and among pundits about exactly what form of military action should be taken against the evil Assad for his chemical weapons attack, which was said to be absolutely certain, based on statements that there was clear and conclusive evidence.

Not long after this drama, actual investigative journalism produced a different story, which turned out to be very likely a “false flag” attack committed not by Assad’s armed forces, but by other characters who would find it very much to their liking, and advantage, if the United States entered the mess to oppose Assad and his military and remove Assad from power. This followed a lot of suspicion by more than a few people, smelling bullshit in the air, that Secretary of State Kerry’s story with claims of clear inarguable evidence, was nonsense, fiction, and they were right.

Seymour M. Hersh · The Red Line and the Rat Line: Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels · LRB 17 April 2014

This didn’t’ get as much attention as the Iraq situation, presumably because we didn’t end up with anything like what happened as a consequence of the fiction fed to the American people (and the rest of the world). Even then, the neocon warhawk cult almost got the US into another war, and John Kerry was doing all he could to play out the same basic act as the Bush administration bunch.

Someone else summed things up, saving me some typing, asking, Dear Fellow American… do you remember Iraq, or Syria, or… anything?

Now, we have Ukraine. And, just like the other epics of geopolitical nuttery, we shouldn’t. We just should not have that going on, and the local and regional happenings there should be just that.

Even trying to have anything like a rational sensible public conversation about that is almost impossible. Part of the predictable political noise, in a situation like this one, will be people pulling out the rhetorical cliches about “isolationism”, that I think comes out a little too often as an indication, call it a warning sign, of just how much Americans have been saturated, programmed, you might say, with notions that the US government is the ruler of the world as a natural order of things, the basic neocon philosophy.

In this particular case, the “Ukraine Crisis” as the US news media often calls it, it’s much worse than having the prevalent presumption that all things happening everywhere in the political and governmental dramas of the rest of the world are part of the business of the US government. The even worse problem is US citizens being programmed with nonsense and just plain fiction (skipping the argument about whether it’s honest delusion or deliberate lying in the people putting the garbage out there into public consciousness).

I’ve been writing about this, of course, doing what I can to wash away that nonsense, if anybody bothers to read it. (I will point out that this has included loads of links pointing to articles dealing with facts and reason about the ongoing drama, which are probably completely ignored, not even on the radar of people swimming in the Newspeak coming from the popular standard “news media” sources.)

On top of all the other elements in the overwhelming stew of lying and public confusion, in skimming some TV over the past few days, I happened across another appearance of Senator (and 2008 candidate for president) John McCain, as a guest on one of the Fox News yappy festivals of unreality and nonsense. The main theme, evidently, was basically summarized in paraphrasing as “Obama is weak, that’s why he won’t go beat up Bad Man Putin and punish him for his heinous misdeeds!”, but even worse, a bonus of crazy, he went on about how, according to McCain, part of his (McCain) “solutions” to the imagined problems is to use America’s supposed endless plenty of natural gas to supply Europe with natural gas, freeing Europe from dealing with Putin/Russia for natural gas supply. Aside from the deluded notions of how much natural gas there actually is available beneath the ground in US territory, he seems to have never even thought about how, exactly, he would get the gas to Europe.

It was an ugly demonstration of a mix of things, all from one man. One element, as I just said, was the nonsense regarding natural gas, a whole topic of its own, and a pretty serious problem. There was the set of presumptions of complete fiction regarding what has been going on in Ukraine, with the added outrage of the fact that McCain himself has gotten actively involved. (He was one of the American neocon cult pushing for “regime change” in Kiev before the change actually happened, making friends with the neo-Nazi bunch there.)

Take a few minutes to see some of the cast of characters, complete with photo portraits of some of main ones with McCain and Victoria Nuland:

There are No Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. And the Obama Administration does not support Fascists

One particularly good summary of the general situation in the Ukrainian drama comes from the Automatic Earth site. There have been quite a few good summaries of actual reality about the situation in Ukraine, and all the alternate reality nonsense bombarding the public about it, but those seem mostly ignored.

I found a particularly unhappy example of the effect the bombardment of bullshit when I checked Facebook and found, in the “News Feed” an item saying that an online acquaintance, an intelligent and very sensible, no-bullshit, kind of character, had “Liked” an online opinion-editorial piece of bullshit nonsense about the situation, yet another example of the kind of thing relentlessly pumped out into the public realm, badly misleading people. That included the now standardized fictions about “Russian aggression” and “the Russian invasion and seizure of Crimea” that are so badly contradicted by actual reality. Along with that kind of nonsense comes another part of that ugly package of deception and manipulation, which is to constantly dismiss credible reports based on reality in the form of actual journalism as being “Russian propaganda”.

I came across another one of the many examples of this kind of propaganda bombardment in an editorial on the CNN website, the same kind of stuff- Russian aggression, Putin the cartoon caricature movie villain, all that.

I confess that I can’t recall now if CNN and all the rest are still doing one thing that they were doing, continuously playing, in an endless loop, this video clip purported to be showing a truck carrying a Buk missile launcher scurrying out of “rebel territory” across the border into Russia, supposedly with a “smoking gun” of a missing missile, presented as proof of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 being shot down by an anti-aircraft missile belonging to, and launched by, the Russians. Since that appeared, it came to light from people who know the area that this supposed “evidence” showed a truck rolling down a road in a place that was not just under control of the Ukrainian coup government military, but around a town something like 80 Kilometers away from the Russian border.

Key Piece of Video “Evidence” for Russian Responsibility for Malaysian Plane Shootdown Debunked

I’ll have to try to pay attention to that, when I check the infotainment shows, to see if that endless loop video playback is on display. Given the way things have been, a couple of possibilities. That would be either that the people responsible for the programming have become aware of this, and quietly made it disappear with no further mention of it, or, they have no idea that it has been revealed as bullshit lying from the US backed Ukrainian junta government, or they are aware, and they keep playing it, and describing it as “evidence” just the same as they have been.

Trying to keep up with it all and sort it out is a huge challenge, and most people just check out the news and accept whatever absurd propaganda they’re being fed, more or less simply passing along whatever they get from the Ukrainian junta government and US State Department verbatim. Part of it has now, over the past day or so, included a new cycle of repeating supposed “intelligence reports” and “clear evidence” that not only are the Russians about to ship in all sorts of new armaments into eastern Ukraine to support the people labeled “terrorists”, but even that the Russian military is bombarding the Ukrainian military with artillery from inside Russia.

We’re all still waiting for any of the large array of supposed clear and overwhelming conclusive evidence we keep being told about. For that matter, as some attentive and honest people are pointing out, if the Russian military is really bombarding the Ukrainian army of the junta government with artillery from inside Russia, it seems strange that the people in charge in Kiev are not howling about this continuously, considering all the other noise coming from there about this, that, and the other thing supposedly happening.

In reading to try to sort out what’s going on, dodging the US pseudo-news relaying the neocon propaganda, I became aware of a US State Department briefing of July 24. You can go read a transcript yourself.

Daily Press Briefing – July 24, 2014

Scroll through to somewhere around midway through the proceedings, and you can read the talk about Ukraine, where the State Department spokesman offers up more vague declarations while including declarations about these statements being supported by some batch of “evidence”, that is never presented. Basically, it’s just: this is so, it’s true, because we say so… we say there is clear evidence proving what we say, which we will not show you, just trust us, it exists, and it proves what we’re saying, just believe it.

It’s a farce. Yet, it seems that an incredible number of people are buying this bullshit.

Part of the tangled pile to untangle is what we keep having reported as “news” about the status of the crash site of MH17. It’s been an ongoing thing to hear, endlessly, on CNN and elsewhere, about how Putin needs to allow crash investigators to have clear access to the site, and control the site, like he has control of what’s happening in Ukraine. But what’s more bizarre is that it seems that nowhere in the Usual Suspects main US news media (CNN, et al) is anyone pointing out that even as this situation continues, the Ukrainian military is still attacking the rebels/separatists/”terrorists” in that area. I’ve been paying attention to this, and maybe I missed something, but I’ve seen and heard nothing reporting this. No. It’s all about “Putin won’t do anything about this!”, or assorted reports about bad behavior of “the terrorists”.

There is nothing about what has been the case there for about a half a year now, that these people are literally fighting for their lives and homes since their national government in Kiev was taken over by a batch of characters who are quite openly hostile against Russians.

There’s just too much to even deal with, to sort out reality from bullshit, which is clearly what some people are counting on. There is one particular thing to point out, before I wrap this up (being nowhere near “done” with this).

I became aware of this one thanks to the online writing of Paul Craig Roberts, who revealed another item that seems to be slinking around quietly without any mention in the “news” that I’ve seen, which is the introduction of a bill into the US Senate, S.2277.

Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War

The lunatics really have taken over the asylum.


Dear Fellow American: Do You Remember Iraq? Syria? ANYTHING?

The Day God Looked Away

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Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War

US State Department Tells Lies To Justify War

Collapse of Ukraine Government: Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Resigns amidst Pressures Exerted by the IMF

Russia Bashing: Hatred, Hysteria and Humbug


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