2014.05.09 the festival of fake -part 4

The last note I posted ended up being much longer than I intended. I know that happens a lot. Things are piling up.

It isn’t just the long running phenomenon of meddling in events and circumstances everywhere in the world, including having a kind of perpetual state of war, somewhere. Never mind that it’s never declared a war by Congress, and never involves an actual necessity to defend the United States. (Even though there’s a nonstop stream of propaganda about “defending our freedom” about all of them.)

I keep finding the larger problem is unavoidable, whether the subject is our predicaments in diminishing returns, depletion, and overconsumption of oil and natural gas, finance and economy, or general governmental and political insanity and sheer idiocy, including the perpetual War Party and Police State mentality that dominates.


As the current infotainment theme of the shambolic situation of The Ukranian Crisis continues, and worsens, part of the problems of what I’m calling Bipolar Political Disorder is the lingering drama that revolves around political creatures of the Republican party kind chanting BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI.

In that cult, there’s something like near a witchhunt frenzy psychosis, hammering on the idea that American Heros of the diplomatic corps in Libya died at the hands of foreign evildoers, because former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama conspired to leave them hanging and not come to their rescue in dire danger, and then cover up their neglect.

In people of loyalty to Obama and the Democratic party in general, the view of this is, at least partially correctly, is of being a Republican party witchhunt to scrounge for anything and everything possible to attack Obama and any other Democratic party politico in government.

The reality of events in Libya looks much more complicated, even from a distance, with all the close fine detail missing from what’s available to a commoner peasant like me. What’s being neglected is a more complex and ugly issue, that, indeed, Clinton and Obama might be playing a game of a certain amount of political “cover-up”, but not quite what’s being presented in this circus playing out in Congress.

Missing in this whole circus is a messier story, very possibly far messier than we know, of US government involvement in meddling in other nations. In other words, it’s entirely possible that there is a pretty serious urge to keep things under cover by President Obama, now-former Secretary of State Clinton, and the rest of whatever cast of characters is involved, not of alleged abandonment of “heros” under attack, but to obscure some possibly uncomfortable revelations of, shall we say, questionable covert activity.

The extra twist of irony is that the situation, as it has been there in Libya, looks like being a reality that actually matches up with the wishes and demands of the warmonger neocon cult that largely dominates the Republican party, who hammer constantly on what they assert as criticisms of Obama the weak and feckless, who fails to “assert America’s strength and resolve” to control every corner of planet Earth, as subjects of an American military empire.

U.S. CREATED a Terrorist Safe Haven In Libya

The 4 Deeper Truths about Benghazi and Libya

On the flipside of American Bipolar Politcal Disorder, loads of people who are politicians of the Democratic party kind, or people who regard themselves as loyal Democrats, have a different kind of delusional reality block. The herd in that pen either cannot recognize, or refuse to see, the ugly reality that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and now Kerry, are all seemingly happy to play along with the whole neocon culture, while juggling the tricky task of trying to appear to be something different.

What’s the Matter with John Kerry?

The increasingly psychotic horror show that is current American politics and government rolls merrily on, and, unfortunately, that’s much more than the barrage of insanity and lying about the worsening situation in Ukraine, which continues to have the overpowering aroma of being a big diversion from everything else.

The Crime of Peaceful Protest

Kangaroo Court Convicts Occupy Protester

The last prosecution from the Occupy movement: guilty! Reformers beware – suppression works.

The Butchers Of Odessa—And False Flags, Too

Videos and Photos of the Odessan Massacre, and Why It Was Done

US Media Follows White House Lead on Ukraine

America Has Switched Sides: Now Backs Al Qaeda and Nazis

The War Party Desperately Fights Back: The Bill Kristol/Samantha Power Grand Alliance Of Neocons And “Progressives”


Anybody who has been reading my little notes here (often not so little) over time will be aware of something, a bit of repetition on some topics. The extra layer to this is that I mention this repetition, and that ends up being repeated. I’m well aware of this, and wonder if there might be anybody reading and wondering about this, like I’m suffering some form of obssessive complusive psychological condition.

That isn’t what’s going on here. The repetition is just simple necessity. I look around and see that people just aren’t registering things that have been covered, and covered many times, complete with loads of relevant links to provide important needed information (and make it clear that it’s not all just a guy spewing opinions).

All this has been reinforced by a recent episode a few days ago. In short form, an online pal posted a note on Facebook which was simply a direct copy and paste of a fluff piece elsewhere on the web, that was simply another example of the kind of PR propaganda piece related to our oil problems that so badly mislead and confuse people. That particular item was from an “investment news” website, and the general gist of it was a snake-oil sales pitch to convince people to pump their money into investment in some oil-drilling operation.

Picking apart that knot of nonsense has the inherent problem that’s always found in anything in the general subject, which is that it takes more than a sentence or two, to knock away the nonsense, and get to a fairly complicated picture of actual reality. The kicker is that the man who posted the thing should know better, if for no other reason than the fact that for some years now, I’ve been posting a vast load of links to online pages examining the oil situation, and “energy issues” in general, along with the accumulated pile of long notes right here in this blog space on the topics, including, yes, loads of links.

That will have to be another note, to address that. Again.


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