The Trichordist

by Robert Rich
(re-posted by permission, copyright in the author)

1000 True Fans (an answer)

A few days ago, I got a question from Kevin Kelly (founding editor of Wired Magazine) asking me to give some real-world insight upon his theory that an internet-age artist can survive with around 1,000 “True Fans.” Stephen Hill from Hearts of Space had suggested that Kevin should contact Steve Roach and me because we each have been surviving in a likewise manor for a rather long time. I decided to write a long and carefully worded answer, speaking as close to the truth as I could. I recommend you read the original article that I’m responding to, if this interests you. It’s at<>

Get ready for a long diatribe that might involve you, if you listen to my music. I’m exposing some rather private stuff about real-life finances and the life of a…

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  1. Ian Rogers says:

    Was it just me or did the math seem a little wacky in this? I mean, if 600 true fans = $20K. Then 1000 would – perhaps – equal $33K. Which is almost almost a living. And while well short of Kevin’s $100K PA, it’s more than most post-grads live on. I know musicians who’d happily turn in their day job for $33K PA.

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