In an item on The Onion website, they had some good healthy satirical fun with a serious issue recently in the news. The matter of an educational board in the state of Texas reviewing prospective textbooks for possible large scale purchase and use in classes in Texas public schools.

Among the list; “Discussion of the debate between liberal and conservative geologists about what constitutes an “igneous” rock”.

The Onion is satire, but as the best satire often is, the fake story is barely an exaggeration of the reality. It really is just about that absurd. It’s not just this particular story, about the real life actual review of textbooks in Texas, virtually everything, any matter, any subject, in the United States at present, can end up being this insanely irrational.

This versus that. Group A or Group B. This side or that side? Us or them?

It’s hard to not think that there is some sort of epidemic of insanity going around that relates to a very large extent to this kind of bipolar madness.

Are you in this group or that group? Is that news from the “liberal” news or the “conservative” news? What might even be worse is when you find somebody whose idea of being sensible and reasonable is to say something about “considering both sides”, which only makes it worse. It either reinforces the polarized binary choice, “this or that?” cliches, or, in the effort to be seen as reasonable, gives weight to an idea that “both sides” of some polarized squabble or sets of dogma have equal credibility (and maybe some split difference average produces the “correct” end results), or both.

How about the idea of correct, accurate, facts?

How about awareness, objective, accurate facts, reason, and general goodwill, and working forward from there?

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